Friday, February 03, 2006

Welcome to a better world

First of all, welcome to my new video game/technology blog.

The column is moving online. For the 10 years I've been doing this, this column has run a lot of places in The Observer: in Mecklenburg Neighbors, in the business section, in local news and finally in the entertainment section.

I think we've finally found the right place for it here, online. I can get you all the video game news faster, as it's delivered to me, with no wait times. I'll be able to tell you about the latest technological advances faster, too. We'll talk about satellite vs. cable TV, we'll talk Ipod vs. MP3, we'll talk about Madden football vs., well, no one else can make official pro football games anymore.

But you get the idea.

Feel free to post responses, reviews or questions about games you've played, or if you want to be a bit more private, just send me an email.

I would love for this to become a bit of a community where we can come in and share what we know, give up a cheat code or a killer play in a sports game.

I'm excited about the new spot for the video games and I'm also excited because I can tell you about all the cool techo-gear I get to read about and get my hands on. You can help me by telling me what kind of stuff you're interested in and what kind of cool toys you've seen.

And last, be sure to check back often. I'll be posting a lot. News happens in the video game and technology industry fast, and on the internet here, we finally can keep up.


Clay said...

First! :-)

Just kidding... can't wait to see what sort of tech you cover. I'd like to see discussions of HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray; Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Revolution, and which is REALLY the best; and plasma vs. LCD vs. DLP televisions.

BTW, prepare for people to avidly defend their technology of choice.

P.S.: I can't believe it took almost 15 hours for someone to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello Langston....I've been reading your column for years....always respecting your input on games and gadgets. I'm definitely a gadget geek myself. I just bought a Slingbox last week. This device is absolutely amazing. It hooks up to your cable/satellite signal, then to your home network (via Ethernet or wireless). It broadcasts (or
"slings") your TV signal to anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

I installed the software on my WinXP laptop, and a Win2000 desktop, and am able to view MY home TV setup (DirecTV DVR) from anywhere. I actually control the remote and everything, which my wife isn't too crazy about.

It is simple to set up, and has no monthly fee.

The software will be updated soon to include Windows Mobile 5 support, which I will then enjoy on my Smartphone from Alltel (their new PPC-6700 device).

Anyway, have a great weekend, and I'm definitely looking forward to your new tech blog.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Clay, I'm with you on the HDTV thing. I just finished testing a Panasonic Plasma and I'm a bit biased on formats right now, but one thing I do plan soon is a format comparison on HD.

We'll also do Blu-Ray/HD DVD, though Sony's master plan to include Blu Ray with PS3 might tip the scales to their favor. They lost Betamax. Looks like they may win this one.

I hate these wars, though, because Johnny Consumer has to choose, and he kicks out his 500 smacks and if his format dies and he can't rent at Blockbuster, he's just out 500 smacks.

That ain't right.