Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2K Sports scores with College Hoops 2K6

I am still without an Xbox 360 and I'm sad about it. Really. The only way I can enjoy fabulous 360 games like 2K Sports' "College Hoops 2K6" is to tote my games over to a friend's house.

But it's probably just as well. If I had a 360 in my house right now, I'd be playing this game all day long. Graphically, college basketball has never looked better. Even though the players' names cannot be displayed on their jersies, per NCAA rules, you can recognize many of your favorite players and coaches.

The players sweat and their faces have appropriate expressions and the entire experience is just so, well, pure. You get real fight songs that sound like real bands playing them. There's authentic crowd noise, that comes and goes at the right time. You can see the student sections bouncing up and down.

A new right analog stick-based shooting system will remind you a bit of EA Sports' controls, but works well to enhance shooting, and every feature you could want is in the game. If your team isn't playing in this weekend's Final Four, you can put it there with this game and it won't look much different than the broadcast CBS is putting on (CBS by the way is using this game to diagram plays during its pregame shows for the Elite 8 and Final Four). Get this one. Or at least click here and view the trailer.


Clayj said...

Late comment, I know, but 2K Sports (publisher of this game) is getting a HUGE backlash now because of reports of ALL of its Xbox 360 games (this game, MLB 2K6, NHL 2K6, etc.) locking up, freezing, not working unless you delete other saved games, etc.

No more 2K Sports games for me, thank you very much. I'm an EA Sports fan through and through... you may not like the relative absence of features, but at least their software looks good and doesn't crash.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Clay, I've heard about the 2K sports thing, but not experienced it. I had actually been checking with some gamers who regularly contact me to see if they had the problem. One did, 10 did not. All in all, though, I think 2K has passed EA when it comes to sports games and I'm about as big an EA fan as you will find.

EA locking up the NFL was smart, though, however it happened. 2K needs to concentrate on delivering a killer football game of some type though.