Tuesday, May 09, 2006

EA Sports creating exclusive Madden version for Wii

Nintendo's new Wii game machine got a big shot in the arm Tuesday when Electronic Arts announced that it was creating a customized version of its Madden NFL 07 especially for the machine.

EA says this game is "conceived as an entirely original football experience."

EA hopes to utilize Wii's groundbreaking console controller to give gamers more control over passing, kicking, snapping, throwing and running as never before.

“Nintendo is breaking new ground with Wii. The brilliance of their innovation is inspiring and we have dedicated ourselves to developing outstanding new play experiences for the platform,” said John Schappert, EA's Senior Vice President and Group Studio General Manager. “Deploying resources against a single platform in this manner is a new approach for us – but it is the right approach.”

Schappert added, “Madden NFL 07 is a Wii original. You may have played a football game in the past, but you’ve never played a game like this before.”

"EA is renowned for their superior games," noted Reggie Fils-Aime, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. ”With their in-house development talent and the huge innovative leap the Wii controller and the system offer, we can't wait to experience the games."

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Clayj said...

Erm. While I can see where this will stretch the videogame football experience into more "realistic" territory (i.e., your skills in the game will be a more accurate reflection of how you're able to move in real life, as opposed to just thumb and finger movements), I can also see where people might get frustrated with their controller and throw it at their television.

Let's just hope that all of the Madden 2007 versions, especially the Xbox 360 version, are better than the 2006 versions.