Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Please no Panthers on Madden 08

I've got some advice for Steve Smith or Jake Delhomme or Julius Peppers or Keyshawn Johnson or any Carolina Panther who might be offered the cover for the 2008 John Madden NFL Football videogame.

To borrow a phrase for a famous shoe company: Just (don't) do it.

There is a Madden curse.

This year's Madden videogame cover boy, Shaun Alexander now has a broken foot. The three players on the cover before him had similar problems: Donovan McNabb missed seven games last year with a sports hernia, Ray Lewis missed the final game of 2004 with a broken wrist and Michael Vick broke his leg in the 2003 pre- season.

The game is phenomenal every year but what happens to the cover boys is not. Perhaps it's time for EA Sports to go with a generic cover. Just so long as it doesn't feature anything about the Panthers, right?

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clayj said...

Actually, the Madden Curse may have to be renamed next year; word is that Madden 07 is the LAST edition of the Madden football series from EA (since Madden is allegedly going to retire from broadcasting after this season), so next year it's gonna be called "NFL 08" or something along those lines (to match up with EA's "NHL 08", "NBA Live 08", etc.).