Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Want to be an NCAA Tournament VIP?

It's nearly time for the NCAA Tournament and CBS SportsLine has begun taking sign-ups for VIP access to their NCAA March Madness on Demand internet streaming service.

It provides live streaming video from the first 56 games of the tournament as they are broadcast by CBS Sports. Best of all, it's free.

As a VIP member, users will have much faster access to live video on game days. Without VIP access, fans will have to wait in a virtual line behind all VIP members.

And how long a line is that? In 2006, the service had 150,000 people in the waiting room on Thursday March 16 just after the first games started.

While supplies last, fans can obtain VIP access to MMOD at CBS SportsLine.com (www.sportsline.com/mmod) as well as NCAAsports.com (www.ncaasports.com/mmod).

-- In addition to live video from the first 56 games, MMOD users will have access to on-demand highlights, buzzer beaters and detailed recaps of every game all the way through the championship game.

The 2007 MMOD video player will launch on March 5 with fans having the ability to watch highlights from some of the most memorable NCAA March Madness games of all time. Live video from will be available when the tournament begins Thursday, March 15.


Rainbox Six Vegas 360 Players Pack Red Coming

Ubisoft has announced the full list for the upcoming release of Player's Pack Red Edition, an all-new downloadable content (DLC) package coming up for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Scheduled to be available via the Xbox Live Marketplace at the end of March, this premium content package will enrich and extend the original game by allowing players to continue with five more playable multiplayer maps and two new game modes.

The pack includes three Brand-New MP Adversarial Maps: Three brand-new MP maps are included for a brand-new Vegas multiplayer experience.
• Doscala Restaurant – This well-known Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Las Vegas, near the famous Fremont Street.
• Marshalling Yard – This century-old service yard is situated in the center of an industrial district. Still active today, it is primarily used to store cars, but is also equipped with cleaning and maintenance facilities.
• Roof - A coffee factory has been overrun in the continuing gang violence that is wreaking havoc in this Mexican border town. The strategic positioning of the factory makes it highly desirable to control, and therefore a focal point of the violence.

Popular Korean RPG Coming To US

Korea’s most popular and highly acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Granado Espada, is coming to retail throughout North America and Europe this summer under the its newly announced name of Sword of the New World: Granado Espada, courtesy of Elephant Entertainment.

“With a game of this pedigree and potential, publishing a retail complement to the online counterpart is an ideal way to expand availability for consumers,” said Wim Stocks, CEO and president of Elephant Entertainment. “Sword of the New World has several innovative and exciting design elements that combined will set a new precedent for MMORPGs, and we are pleased to be working with K2 Network in bringing it to the North American and European retail markets.”

Sword of the New World is a fantasy MMORPG whose story is modeled after Europe’s exploration of the New World and is comprised of thrilling missions and heroic quests. It's the first MMORPG that allows players to control three characters simultaneously, resulting in a fast-moving game filled with strategic daring and intense combat.


The war between the GDF and Strogg will soon be igniting on next-generation consoles as id Software and Activision, Inc. today confirmed that Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, the team-based first person action title, and already one of the most anticipated new properties of 2007 is coming to next-gen platforms.

In this epic multiplayer-focused game, players can choose to defend humanity as a part of the Global Defense Force (GDF) or destroy it as a merciless Strogg alien invader. Under the executive production of id Software, Nerve Software is developing Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars for the Xbox 360, while Z-Axis is the developer for the PS3.

PaperBoy Drops for XBox live Arcade

The much-loved arcade classic from the 1980’s, Paperboy will be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 beginning Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 9 a.m. GMT (1 a.m. PST).

Players control a paperboy on his speedy bicycle delivering newspapers along a busy suburban street. The goal is to deliver a week of daily newspapers to subscribers’ homes without damaging their property, all the while avoiding hazards such as grumpy neighbors, annoying dogs and moving vehicles. Miss a delivery too many times and players may lose a subscriber for good.

“Paperboy” will be available worldwide for 400 Microsoft Points.

Game Features
· Seven stages (one for each day of the week) and 3 levels of difficulty – “Easy Street,” “Middle Road” or “Hard Way”
· New Xbox Live multiplayer: The standard multiplayer mode involves two player co-op play which can take place on the same console or over Xbox Live
· High scores are tracked on the Xbox Live Leaderboard
· Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points


Electronic Arts and MySpace, the world’s leading lifestyle portal, have announced an international search for the hottest new bands in the United States and Europe, in collaboration with Virgin Records and Epiphone. EA’s Burnout™ Bandslam started accepting entries on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/burnoutbandslam) Feb. 6, 2007.

Burnout Bandslam offers unsigned bands from across the United States and Europe the chance to showcase their best track in front of a potential global audience of over 80 million MySpace users, all of whom will be able to vote for their favorite track online.

The winning bands – one each from the United States and Europe - will each receive a Virgin Records demo recording contract and a chance to have their song included in a future Burnout videogame. One runner-up band from each country will become the proud owners of one top-of-the-range Epiphone Les Paul Custom Guitar.

The Burnout videogame series is developed by EA’s Criterion Games studio and is one of the most acclaimed racing videogame franchises of all time. Burnout Dominator is currently in development for the PS2 and PSPsystem and due for release in March 2007.

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