Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Get better at basketball by playing a PC game

When I got a computer CD from a company called ACE that was designed to make you a better basketball player, I wasn't expecting much.

But the Basketball IntelliGym (Grade: B-plus) was a pleasant surprise. By using a series of game-like screens, the trainer re-creates game situations and actually helps train the players to make better decisions.

I know of about 50 high school and college coaches in the immediate area that need to invest in one of these things.

The concept was originally developed for Air Force pilots and the training regimen is very similar to videogaming. Best of all, the trainer can create a customized program for each player to help with decision-making, shot selection, team play and even peripheral vision (

NCAA 07 March Madness: The NCAA Tournament begins tomorrow and what better time to break this new EA Sports Xbox 360 game out than now.

Bobcat Adam Morrison graces the cover and the game is much improved over last year. It has some of the best sports game graphics I've seen on Xbox 360 (which is rumored for a late spring upgrade with bigger hard drive, black color and HDMI port).

There are several new features that distinguish this title from last year: team intensity control allows players to interact with the crowd, the mascots, the band and can influence the composure of your players. Get rattled and your team can get down quick; you now have the ability to upgrade your facilities (if you're doing well) and you can even play in the McDonald's All-American game.

Of course, it's got school-specific fight songs and ESPN intergration. This just feels like college basketball (Grade: B-plus).


Anonymous said...

I haven't played March Madness 07 yet but I have played College Hoops 2K7 and it's far supperior to every March Madness game I ever played. It has much more of an authentic college basketball feel. Check it out.

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