Monday, August 06, 2007

Big Bargain: PlayStation3 for $350/Nutrisystem update

Just a quick note to let you guys know that Sony Style is offering $150 off any purchase made using its Sony Financial credit account, which has instant online approval. It is also offering interest free financing until 2009.

So if you buy the PS3 at its current $499 price and use Sony's financing arm, you get to deduct another $150 at checkout. Pay it off fast enough and you can get a pretty good steal.

Just a little FYI.


A lot of you have asked about the Nutrisystem plan since I reported a few weeks ago about my 30 pound weight loss and a 50 pound weight loss of a friend I had start with me. I can also report that another one of my boys has dropped about 20 pounds in two months.

Some folks wondered how does it compare to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I have never tried Craig, but I heard it can be expensive. Unlike Weight Watchers and some of the other programs, you don't have an in-person support group or weigh-ins, but you do get a pretty extensive network of online people sharing your experiences and a telephone counselor, if you choose to use them.

Expect to spend about $450 per month on the system, adding the cost of the Nutrisystem products and the additions you have to buy. I have been surprised after nearly 11 months on the system that the foods have not gotten repetitive and I actually look forward to my NS meals. Some of them are as good as eating at your local restaurant.

I was skeptical when I saw the commercial with the sports legends talking about how this really worked, but it really -- really -- worked.


Anonymous said...

get you facts straight. you have to buy something at $300 first before they will give you $150 off the next purchase.

Anonymous said...

They give you your credit AFTER the first purchase. You don't have to buy two things with the card to get the $150 credit. Langston is correct.

"Card credit will be applied to your Sony Card account 8-12 weeks after your first purchase of $299 or more"

Anonymous said...

looks like i should get my facts straight. sorry for the bad post.
my bad.

Anonymous said...

Langston, I have been looking for a product to try for a long time. Sounds like Nutrisystem will be it. Please please please keep writing about your experiences