Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mom takes PlayStation away, son tries to kill her.

There's a trial going on in the Washington, DC-area right now where a 17-year-old has admitted hiring someone to murder his Mom -- partially because she wouldn't let him play videogames.

This is a sad, sad story.

Cory Ryder admitted "involvement" last week to solicitation to have his mother and stepfather killed. That was one of four counts against him. Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 27.

Shannan and Joey Troiano worried about their son's bad behavior and bad grades at school.

Cory walked out of middle school classes, smashed a fire extinguisher case and once broke into a county fairgrounds and vandalized property. He was sentenced to supervised probation. Later, he dropped out of school, stole $45 from his sister's piggy bank and fought with his mother, who kicked him out of the house.

Cory told police officials he was upset about being thrown out, which led to the contract he tried to take out against his parents.

Throughout his troubled childhood, the Troianos would ground Cory for weeks and eventually took away his PlayStation and banned him from watching television.

On June 2, the mother of one of Cory's friends told the Troianos that she'd heard their son, then 16 years old, say he wanted his mother killed. The Troianos called the police and a detective set up a sting. Police lured Corey to a Days Inn hotel and Ryder made a "formal agreement" with an undercover office to have the man kill his mother and stepfather. He was going to pay for the murders with his soon-to-be-deceased stepfather's new pickup truck.


Anonymous said...

Well, let's not blame the video game console for this. It's pretty clear from the article that the kid is a budding sociopath who needs to be locked away for the rest of his life. If it wasn't the console, it'd be something else that set him off.

Anonymous said...

It says it all when he is 17 years old and still in Middle School

Anonymous said...

Actually, it said he did some stuff in middle school and then got into more trouble later on. I don't think he's in middle school now.

Anonymous said...

This story has the makings of a fantastic videogame itself:

Hitman 4: Cory's Revenge

Anonymous said...

The parents tried tough love but it appears to me the 17 year old did not get proper care when he was a child. He is no longer a child---maybe he will get the care now. Are we all doing enough for the children now and the ones to come? They were not given a choice to come here!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord!!! When a kid is a sociopath, blame the parents by all means! I have three sons, brought them all up equally, and the middle one is a sociopath - he has absolutely no conscience or sense of responsibility. The older and younger ones are solid, responsible, and thriving as adults. So whose fault is it that one went bad?

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the parents. Blame the kid. Lots of bad kids received fine parenting. Lots of good kids received poor parenting.