Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New "Blow" energy drink looks like cocaine

Parents, don't let your kids grow up to be "Blow' drinkers.

There's this new energy drink available on the net that looks and handles like a brick of cocaine and it's called "Blow," slang for cocaine. It is white powder that comes in a vial and you pour it into your favorite drink and get a big burst of caffeine (as if most folks really need the equivalent of three cups of coffee in something).

And here's the thing. When you order "Blow," it comes with a credit card and a mirror -- as though you were going to use it like the real drug it's named after.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I think this is a terrible glimpse of what is and is not acceptable in our world today.

Anonymous said...

And this relates to GAMES and GADGETS how??

Anonymous said...

News and reviews about videogames and tech equipment
that even grandma could understand

Anonymous said...

WHY WHY WHY does the media keep giving these companies this free publicity? The makers of Blow are LOVING all this attention. It would probably be nothing but a blip on the radar had the media not gotten ahold of it, and now it'll be something else for kids to use to rebel against their parents and teachers.

Please allow me to help turn kids off to this product. ATTENTION, KIDS...using the product "Blow" will make you smell like doodie. Teenage boys weewees will become smaller, and it will make teenage girls rear ends wider and saggy.

Anonymous said...

I prefer real blow while playing videogames.