Thursday, May 29, 2008

New soccer game lets you get dirty

UEFA Euro 2008
Electronic Arts for Xbox 360
Rating: 2.5 out of 4 stars

It’s been awhile since I played a sports simulation. So it was nice to pop in a decent soccer game from EA Sports called “UEFA Euro 2008.”
You pick from over 50 Euro soccer teams and try to lead your team to the championship. Easy. As usual, graphics are good and EA’s soccer engine is second to none. This is as good as it gets, game play wise, for soccer sims, down to being able to see your team manager react – good or bad – on the sidelines based on your play.
The game even mimics the winter weather in Europe. Frequent driving rains cause muddy fields and realistic play on it (meaning you slip and slide a lot and your uniform becomes unrecognizably brown).
A new mode, “Captain Your Country” allows you to work your way up through eight levels to become your team’s captain. I couldn’t hang in long enough to make it all the way, but the journey is fun – and it’s a great way to improve your skills.
A cool new online feature called “Battle of the Nations” allows you to rep your team online and earn points. Your points are tracked via your username online and you can view yourself against other gamers on the leaderboard ta
Empire Games for Nintendo DS
Rating: 1.0 out of 4 stars

Once upon a time, Myst was one of the bigger names in the videogame business.
This new DS version doesn’t do its predecessors justice. Part of the problem is the graphics. Myst takes you on a journey to new worlds and without much instruction. You just explore. It’s hard to become “part” of your gaming world if the world looks so pixilated and small. I spent too much time hitting the zoom button and not enough enjoying the game.
You basically play by tapping the stylus on the screen – to move, to interact with objects, to solve puzzles. Only you have to tap hard sometimes to make the game react. It gets frustrating, especially with the tiny graphics. This was a gem on a PC or old-school consoles. On DS, it’s a “leave-it-at-the-store-and-pick-something-else.”
News n Notes
-- Two new Guitar Hero titles are on the way. “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” follows the band’s journey from their first gig to superstardom. Players can play the band’s greatest hits or other artists.
Guitar Hero: On Tour, for the Nintendo DS uses a new “Guitar Grip” control that fits into the DS along with a pick-stylus.
-- Gameloft has an agreement with the NBA to make official basketball games for mobile phones. First up is NBA Smash!, a 2-on-2 street game. In the fall, a 5-on-5 game will launch.
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