Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Madden game info debuts at SuperBowl halftime

True story. I'm at home Saturday afternoon, watching Wake Forest get beat by Georgia Tech in ACC Basketball, Tech's first league win of the year, and my phone keeps ringing.

Four readers called me or emailed me to let me know that at halftime of Sunday's Super Bowl game, some EA Sports officials will release official information about the upcoming edition of the best-selling football game, Madden 2010.

Turns out that new Madden developer Ian Cummings has been on a message board conversing with fans, which is pretty cool.

Cummings promises that the 2010 version will be a mimic of what you see on Sunday afternoons.

"Everything you see on Sunday, see it in Madden NFL,” Cummings wrote. "What does that mean?...We have one goal, and that is to make an NFL football game that is as true to life as possible.

"We aren’t about gimmicks; we aren’t about fluff; we aren’t about catering to glitchers or cheaters. We’re focused on emulating what you as an NFL fan are used to seeing on TV, and what many of you players and coaches have seen on the field. For every single update we provide you with throughout this year, feel free to call us out if anything doesn’t stand up to our new mantra."

This sounds promising. So he promises to reveal details at halftime of the Big Game tomorrow. I'm not a Bruce Springsteen fan anyway, so I think I'll go see if he delivers what he's been promising.

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