Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nintendo Wii Sports Van Stops At Concord Mills

Nintendo's "Wii Sports Resort" interactive tour is stopping at Concord Mills today through Sunday. It will allow visitors a free, hand s-on experience with the game, which has sold more than one million copies less than a month since its launch July 26.

Sports Resort is a collection of easy-to-play sports games, such as basketball and table tennis. They take advantage of the Wii's remote, which you can use as if you're swinging a bat or racket, or make a throwing motion to t oss a ball.

The mobile tour will be set up in the Concord Mills' Food Court from noon to 9 p.m. today through Saturday. On Sunday, it will be live from noon to 7 p.m.

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Archie said...

The Wii system already has these games. What this article should explain is how this new "Resort" sports system differs from what we already have. Does it use the same Wii Remote? Does it use it any differently? Are the actual game play and graphics significantly improved? Is it finally HD?

It would be nice if the article addressed these kind of questions rather than just essentially posting a PR release. How about it Langston?

Anonymous said...

Oh give Langston a break Archie. Go try it out and find out for yourself. Kinda the whole object. Langston just said it was in town not that he spent the afternoon playing it!

Archie said...

I live on the other side of the county from Concord Mills; I can't get up there. That's why I asked. If Langston knows nothing about this new system - doubtful since this is his area of specialty with the paper - then do some research among trade journals, etc. to provide us with at least a skeleton assessment of this system. Otherwise, it's just an advertisement passing as entertainment journalism.

I would have hoped Langston would have at least scanned these comments and posted something about those questions I posed, which should have been addressed in the article. It's been nice out, maybe he's out playing golf today.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Archie, I have already reviewed Sports Resort in detail. The blog item was simply to let people know that the van was in town. Does the news come from a press release? Yes, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

Does it use the same Wii-mote? Yes, I explained that in the blog. It also takes advantage of the new Wii-mote add-on which I've commented on previously. The Wii is not available in HD.

Not sure that bogging down every post with these same facts over and over is worth it. The news here, to me, was the truck was in town and you can try it hands on.

sudoku said...

I've just got Wii Sports Resort. The bowling game is so addictive :)