Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DirecTV's DoublePlay: live DVR features for 2 programs at once

DirecTV has brought back a popular feature not seen since it was partnered with TiVo years ago: the ability to control two programs at the same time with full DVR functionality.

DirecTV is calling it "DoublePlay."

When the company used to feature TiVo-branded DVRs, customers could set the device to two shows on two different channels, flip back and forth between them, while also being able to rewind or fast forward (up to the live feed) either show. When the companies split and DirecTV introduced its own DVRs, that functionality was not included, and longtime customers complained mightily.

Now the company has brought it back. So NFL Sunday Ticket customers can, for instance, flip back and forth between Panthers-Falcons and Jets-Patriots, rewind to see plays they missed and then catch up to the live feed before returning to the other game.

It's a smart feature to bring back.


Anonymous said...

I dropped DirecTV when they quit offering Tivo DVR's. Their DVR is nowhere near as nice as Tivo

Avcap DVR said...
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