Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple releases new iMac, mouse and notebook, ahead of Windows 7

Two days before Microsoft unveils its new Windows 7 operating system, Apple released a slew of new products: a new line of iMacs, a new line of Macbook laptops and a new wireless mouse.

The new iMac, an all-in-one desktop unit, has a 21.5-inch or 27-inch LED-backlit display. The widescreen monitors are capable of displaying HD video. The new iMacs feature faster processors that are up to twice as fast as previous generation iMacs. A new feature, called Turbo Boost, can shut off applications that are not using system resources and give that power to applications that are in use.

Base iMacs start from $1,199 to $1,999. A 21.5-inch version with 4 gigs of memory and a 1 terabyte hard drive is $1,499.

The new wireless mouse uses Apple's Multi-Touch technology, currently seen in iPods and iPhones. It allows customers to use finger gestures over the face of the mouse instead of using scroll wheels or balls. The new mouse comes standard with new iMacs or as an accessory for $69.

The new Macbook features a battery that lasts up to seven hours. The new model is 1.08 inches and now lighter at 4.7 bounds. The new unit has a 13-inch backlit widescreen display. The new laptop starts at $999 with a 2.26 gigahertz processor, 2 gigs of memory and a 250-gigabyte hard drive.


704Champ said...

I'm more of a PC guy as I don't really need the video and audio processing capabilities that Macs usually excel at, but I must admit the screen sizes alone of the new Macs are tempting. The wireless mouse though? Meh not that big of a deal.

I for one am not going to upgrade to Windows 7 yet. I like to give M$ at least 6 months to release patches and updates before I'll upgrade to a new OS which will obviously have some flaws and issues. Optimally I prefer waiting for a service pack to come out before upgrading.

Tom said...

Combined with yesterday's stellar earnings announcements, the new additions to Apple's lineup depict a company that is supremely confident going into the holiday season.

The new Macs are evolutionary improvements upon the existing mass-market line, offering the best value possible within Apple's focus on the mid- to top-end market sections. They won't "wow" analysts, but they will offer solid options for customers looking to upgrade existing Macs or make the switch from Windows, which is the "long game" that Apple has been playing for years now.

Apple has reaped billions in profits during the worldwide recession, a downturn that many predicted would hit the company particularly hard. They simply could not be in a stronger position looking forward into an economic recovery, especially if Windows 7 stumbles upon release.

J. Patrick Terry said...

704Champ, I believe that I've heard that there are patches already for 7, but I'm with you... gonna wait.

Steve Wojo said...

And who exactly will be buying this overpriced crap?

Anonymous said...

I can invoice from quickbooks and shoot, and nade some nazis in call of duty all in the same 5 minute time frame in windows vista.

It runs flawlessly, and has done so for some time.

So all the fuss and fanfare of mac and windows 7 is like doughnuts at a bakers dozen, its a nice gesture but do I really need all the glossed over glazing?

Cooker said...

Hiya Wojo!!

Have fun with your viruses and worms and system crashes!

Oh, and paying extra for all the stuff that Macs already come with...

Tom said...

Mojo, I call your attention to Apple's quarterly statement, wherein it was disclosed that Apple sold 3.05 million Macs, 10.2 million iPods, and 7.4 million iPhones during the July-September period. Obviously there are millions of people willing to buy Apple products.

You may think it "overpriced crap" but clearly the marketplace does not agree.

Tom Tom said...

I just love the new iMac series. There was a slight reduction in price and mega upgrade in specs and features. My favorite will have to be the 27-inch model for its beyond HD screen! iMac Review.