Friday, December 04, 2009

Is an Apple tablet in our near future?

Rumors are flying that publishers are getting products ready to launch with an Apple tablet computer. Apple has been mostly mum about plans for a tablet computer, something smaller than a laptop that could be used to read books, newspapers, play games and surf the Web.

This week, Sports Illustrated released a video showing how the magazine might be read on a product like a tablet. It looks interesting. Advertisements are much more than pictures. Readers can click them and see live video. You can easily toggle pictures, even send them to friends via Facebook or e-mail. You can read articles and all content is in full-color.

It's like reading the magazine without having the paper (but also having it come alive when you want it to).

Here's the sample video.


Mike said...

Who cares? As far as market share goes, Apple is still fringe computing (less than 10%). Using tablets is even less than that.

Tom said...

That's kind of like saying "As far as market share goes, BMW is a fringe automaker (less than 10%)".

Apple has shown over the last decade that it can take an existing product category (MP3 players, smart phones) and make them vastly more successful than they ever were before. I don't see any reason to believe that Apple couldn't do the same with a tablet...

steve said...

Wow, they're only about a decade late. This is kind of a perennial rumour. Tablets seem like a good idea until you actually use one. They're just not very practical for most tasks. If they actually succeed in making one thats more than a short-lived novelty I'll be impressed.

And by the way, OWC has been making "ModBook" Mac tablets for a few years now.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who may not remember, Apple already had a tablet type piece of hardware years ago called the Newton. It was one of the 1st PDAs out there, with more function.