Monday, April 05, 2010

Apple sells more than 300,000 iPads on Day One

Apple released a statement today saying it had sold more than 300,000 iPads on Saturday, when the touchscreen computing device hit U.S. stores.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said new owners downloaded more than one million apps and more than 250,000 e-books Saturday as well.

Some analysts predicted Apple would sell twice as many or more iPads, but considering this was Easter weekend, a family event that would keep most out of stores, that's not a bad start.

Also I think potential users are waiting on 3G models to arrive later this month (only Wifi models went on sale this weekend) and others might be waiting to hear initial reviews from consumers, instead of the journalist-driven ones, which have been largely positive.

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VoIP News said...

I think the launch of the iPad is interesting, because it is the first of a new category of computing device. It is the first "slate". Before the year is out, there will be an army of Android slates on the market.