Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dell Streak Tablet pricing set: $549 unlocked, $249 with 2-year deal

Dell's highly anticipated "Streak" smartphone/tablet is scheduled to go on sale soon in the U.S. And we've finally got pricing.

The device is $549 for full retail or $249 with a two-year AT&T contract.

The device, which has a 5-inch screen, will run Android OS.

Dell calls the Streak "the perfectly-sized, go-anywhere entertainment, social connection and navigation device."

The device, according to Dell, features:

* Widescreen display optimally designed for mobile web, video and movies
* Integrated social networking widgets and apps, plus tons of apps through the Android Marketplace
* Crystal-clear damage-resistant Gorilla® glass screen
* Google MapsTM with navigation and text-to-voice, turn-by-turn directions with Street View
* Multitasking Google Android OS


Anonymous said...

That thing is just too big for phone and too small for a tablet. Dell, you blew it.

Anonymous said...

This will work as a phone with Skype, and unlike the ipad, it is small enough to fit in a coat pocket, with large enough screen to comfortably watch a movie. It needs a slide out qwerty keyboard. and at the current price, I will wait for a black Friday special to purchase an unlocked one at a discount, or wait for a used model on ebay. I think the price is being set artificially high to discourage the purchase of unlocked units in order to protect AT&T's market.

jason said...

It looks a bit clunky though doesn't it. A lot of people go for looks, and the Ipad looks much better than this.

Bianca said...

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