Monday, August 16, 2010

Subway and PlayStation team up to offer free gear with sandwiches

Next time you go to get your $5 dollar (five-dolla, five-dolla) footlong, you may be able to quench your gaming jones, too.

Turns out that Sony and Subway have announced a "marketing alliance" that will allow you to win PlayStation prizes, including some products before you can buy them in stores. Sony says the prizes will be worth more than $1 million in retail value and that it expects to award them at a rate of a prize per minute during the promotion period. Those prizes include a shot at the new PlayStation Move controller before they hit stores next month.

How to get some of that PS3 goodness you ask?

Buy specially marked items at Subway like chips, sandwiches and drinks and enter redeeming codes attached at or via mobile devices at subwayfreshbuzz.modi or via text to 87963. You'll learn instantly if you've won and how to redeem your prize.

And besides the anticipated Move controller, Sony plans to give away collector's edition boxes of Gran Turismo 5, LIttle Big Planet 2 and UNCHARTERED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition. It will give away 3D and HDTV entertainment packs and PSP entertainment packs that include a movie and game.

The promotion starts today.

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