Friday, November 12, 2010

TW Cable lets you "look back" to find shows you missed

Time Warner Cable has been pouring on the features lately, from adding 3D content to increasing its home broadband internet speeds.

This week's update gives customers the ability to scroll back on their guide for three days to watch shows they've missed on certain channels -- without setting the DVR.

So, in theory, if you wanted to see that Oprah episode you missed on Thursday that your DVR, for whatever reason, failed to record, Time Warner's got you covered.

Just pick up the remote and scroll backwards, find that Oprah slot and watch away.

"Look Back" will launch with up to 48 channels on Time Warner systems, and they should be consistent market-to-market. You'll be able to access Look Back programming immediately after it airs on the network channel.

I typed in the Observer's zip code at Time Warner's website and found these channels available for "Look Back" locally:

ABC Family
Animal Planet
Discovery Channel
Discovery Science
Disney Channel
Disney XD
Food Network
History Channel
History International
Investigation Discovery
Planet Green

This service just finished marketing trials in several cities and was previously available to local customers who signed up for TWC's new gold Signature Home package

Now TWC is rolling it out in multiple areas, including New York, New England, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and parts of Texas.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a cool feature!

Anonymous said...

Let still no NFL Network.

TWC sucks and AT&T Uverse rules!

Anonymous said...

Their guide got a little better this month too, but still missing keyword search capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Your article doesn't say whether the DVR converter is required for this feature. This is a great new feature.

The answer from the TWC site is

Do I need a DVR if I have Look Back®?
No, but Look Back will not allow you to fast-forward some programming like a DVR can. Also, Look Back programs can be viewed up to 3 days after they have aired, whereas DVR customers can store and view their recorded programs for as long as they like.

Anonymous said...

TWC is awful. Direct TV Satellite is excellent. Been using it for nearly a decade.

Anonymous said...

Geez, all this and we still don't have Comedy Central in HD?

Archiguy said...

Once again not mentioned in one of Langston's articles are some key facts. Mainly, that with a DVR, "look back" is relatively pointless and the FF button is disabled, forcing you to watch all those commercials you could have skipped if you had just remembered to set your DVR for the program in the first place.

Hey TWC, why don't you keep your "lookback" and 3-D channel with no content and give us back HDNet and the irreplacable HDNetMovie channels that so many of your viewers enjoyed? We've done without them long enough. Work it out!

Gee, the silence is, as usual, deafening.

Anonymous said...

Archiguy...if I read it correctly, having a DVR does not make "look back" pointless, IF you didn't set the DVR to record.

For folks like me who choose not to have the DVR, "look back" is a nice extra feature.

Anonymous said...

The system that Time Warner Cable uses to calculate taxes and fees on your account is not able to perform this accurately. Call their Customer Service department and ask them to explain it to you. They can't do it (and there is a good chance that you're being over charged).

Anonymous said...

Of course the folks in MI-Connection territory don't have these nice features...

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with torrents and newsgroups to get my missed programs, thanks TWC!

Kinda funny that they introduce this service in case their crappy DVR, 'for whatever reason' didn't record your show. My DVRs always had a mind of their own, went through 5 of them.

Good riddence!

Arci, switch to DirecTv. I've saved $30 a month, get Comedy Central and all the Viacom networks in HD, get HDNetMovies and the HDNet channel that were yanked away, and NFL Network in HD.

TWC can't compete, the HD quality is even better now on DTV than TWC.

John said...

Anon 12:41 If you open the guide and press the blue B you can type in the name of the show and search for it that way.

Anon 1:11 you do not need a dvr. I have 2 standard hd boxes and it works with them.

Archiguy THe silence is in your head because there is nothing else up there.

Anonymous said...

If DirecTV is good for you, then fine. Personally, I like to watch TV without having to worry about thunderstorms.

Anonymous said...

Time Warner Cable is awesome. As separate services or as a package they rule. What broadband does DTV have, dial-up, dsl.Can they compete with 20mbs down and 1 mbs upstream on a basic package. AT&T internet services suck. It is good for people who only watch TV I suppose. Picture is no better than no other provider. Direct and Dish customer , pray for sun

Anonymous said...

Yippee another twc commercial from the observer.

Anonymous said...

I went to satellite from TWC a couple of years ago, mainly for price. It was pathetic...I hated just about everything about satellite. I love being back on TWC, and for a lot cheaper price for better services (cable/phone/RoadRunner) than what I had with them before. I just finally finished ripping the dish monstrosity off of my roof last week and will never look back. I had started a list of things I hated about satellite after switching from TWC and stopped at about 37. What a joke. I missed TWC so bad after switching, but got stuck in the 2-year contract nightmare. Forget thunderstorms...the signal cut out if it got cloudy, or the guy next door farted in the wrong direction. The most incredibly pathetic thing was you can't get ANY PBS channels in HD on dish without hooking up a freaking antenna to your box or TV.

Anonymous said...

I wish the "look back" feature let me "look back" a year ago when I signed up with that crappy company. I would've taken my business elsewhere.

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