Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A white golf driver? TaylorMade has one and it's coming soon

Golf drivers have always been black, or at least dark or silver, right?

Well, the golf company that does innovations -- or chances -- like few others is trying to turn that thought on its head.

Following the introduction of white putters, TaylorMade plans to unleash its new white R11 driver next month. Look for ads tapping a familiar Sesame Street song "One of These Things Is Not Like The Other" to start on the Golf Channel Jan. 3.

The ad will have children singing the song as some familiar dark drivers flash across the screen. Finally, the white R11 will pop up.

Is America ready for a white driver? Wonder how it look framed against the white ball.

Of course, TaylorMade is convinced it'll work. And the white putters are pretty cool.

“The R11 is the best driver we’ve ever made and it deserves something different,” said Bob Maggiore, vice president, brand and product marketing. “Golf marketing has become so cookie-cutter, and we felt it was time to move away from the pack. By creating a spot like this, we’ve shown how this driver’s stunning design, technology and performance clearly set it apart from the competition.”

Can't wait to see it.


Anonymous said...

Why is "white" in quotation marks in the headline?

Anonymous said...

If we are just talking about Titanium, then black is still a rather recent development. When titanium drivers first came out, they were mostly all silver or grey (Callaway, Titleist, etc...). Ping was the first to really do black with the TISI. TaylorMade was doing copper color drivers for their first several, at least until they band their 300 series. While TaylorMade was the first rumored to have a white driver, Cobra beat them to the punch, and Poulter has already used it to win a tournament.

Anonymous said...

Golf drivers are switching from black to white?

Just another way the man is keeping a brother down.

Anonymous said...

John Daly won the PGA Championship using a White Wilson Driver at Shoal Creek.

Anonymous said...

good call on Daly's white driver, but he won at Crooked Stick

Anonymous said...

and it was Cobra, not Wilson

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