Thursday, April 14, 2011

Want to know how much your co-workers make? Just click here

A new online site, called SalaryShare, claims it can help you find out how much your co-workers make. This assumes, of course, that they are honest.

It works like this: you create a "pool" on the website and send the link to a few people who will anonymously disclose how much they make. Only people in your pool can see the link to the results. And you can do this with anyone really, even your social friends.

Of course, do it at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

How much you make, Lang?

printable coupons said...
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Gadgets said...

Does we have any problems by this. Is it risk. Anyways thanks for the idea.

Josh of Lead Generation said...

Is it appropriate to use this with your friends? It seems a little risky. They might find out.