Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Adam Morrison unplugged & in a Bobcat jersey

Adam Morrison turns 19 on July 22 and if he's chosen by Charlotte in tonight's NBA draft, he doesn't expect a big adjustment moving down south from out west.

"I think Charlotte's a nice city," Morrison told me recently during an interview to promote the upcoming NBA Live videogame. "It's laid back, with a little west coast style, so I'll be alright."

You've probably heard all about Morrison's diabetes by now (he's tired of talking about it) and about his apparent lack of athleticism or defensive ability (he says he'll prove people wrong next winter). I was curious what does a national college player of the year and new millioniare do with his first big check.

Morrison bought a black Range Rover with black leather interior and upgraded it with black 22-inch rims. When he puts in his iPod in the truck, you'll find a range of music there, a mix of rap and classic rock.

I asked Adam a few questions during our chat. Here's some samples of his answers:

Q. You're a big Larry Bird fan. You were born in '84 during his heyday. How did you get into No. 33?

"In high school, I started watching NBA TV which has classic games on and I studied his game and I started to try to pattern myself after him and I realized how good he was. I met him once at the Final Four, at a brief awards ceremony. It was pretty neat. But I was tongue-tied. I didn't know what to say to him."

Q. Billy Packer or Dick Vitale?

"Ah, man, that's tough. I'd have to go with Packer just for how he's so blunt and talks to you man-to-man on TV, but both are very good. It's almost a toss-up."

Q. What celebrity have you met that made your knees buckle?

"Other than Bird? None really. I'm not real big on that whole deal anyway. People are people."

Q. I figure since you're involved with Electronic Arts now you must be a big videogame nut, huh?

"Yeah, very much. It’s probably the second best thing I’m good at. I play a lot of Madden and all the sports games, like Fight Night. I throw Halo in there once in awhile. I play online a lot."

Q. Cool, what's your gamer tag so we can find you online and go head up?

"Can't do that, man. I've had problems with giving my username out. Once, my tag got out and I couldn't get people to leave me alone online. Most of it is people giving you crap."

Q. You went through the digial process to have your image put into the game. So how does the digital you compare to the real thing?

"They made a mock player when I did a deal for them. It’s funny how they had me looking on it. Almost like a (guy with a) mullet in short-shorts, but it fits my style I guess. I guess I'm a throwback player. A lot of people say that, but I don't imagine myself as that, but maybe so."

Q. First autograph you ever got and the last one you got?

"First one I got was (former Seattle SuperSonics center) Jack Sikma when i was little at basketball camp and that was probably the last one. I'm not big on autographs. I like to shake a person's hand and just say I met them."

Q. What's your take on sports talk radio?

"I listen sometimes. I think some guys have some good points and some are on there to bring other people down. It’s a little different hearing peopel have their opinion on you. Eveybody’s entitled to their own opinion and not everybody's going to like you. That’s why I don’t read internet sites and message boards. You get cuaght up in that and you’re not worried about most important thing -- playing well."

Q. Gotta bring up the diabetes thing.

"Yeah, I know, but I think I've shown people I can play at the next level. I played 38 minutes per game last year and led the nation in scoring. I've proven I can compete at a high level. I understand why people have all the questions and the best thing I can do is prove it to them, that I can play with this. I can keep saying it all I want."

Q. If you come here, what will you bring to the Bobcats?

"A positive attitude. I want to continue the building process of an organization on the rise. I think I'll be a good fit and I like the core group of guys. I could do well there."


Anonymous said...

morrison is not 19, you misinformed retard

Anonymous said...

he turned 22 on the 19th