Thursday, June 29, 2006

DirecTV offering Hi-Def locals in Charlotte

Attention DirecTV Hi-Def customers, you can now get your local networks in high-definition.

DirecTV fired up HD locals in nine new markets, including Charlotte, today. Raleigh also came online today. Hoping to shrink the HD advantage that many cable networks have, DirecTV now offers local HD channels in 36 cities, with plans for 13 more before year's end.

Customers who subscribe to a programming package that includes local channels receive both the standard and HD signals at no extra monthly charge.

To get the new programming, DirecTV customers will need to upgrade their satellite dish and receiver. But I'd wait a bit to make the switch. In most areas of Charlotte, you can receive local channels with an attenna connected to your current HD receiver. DirecTV will introduce an HD-DVR that will receive the local channels and other new programming, such as video-on-demand, later this summer.

But if any of you spring for the new programming, drop me a line and let me know how it all turned out.

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Anonymous said...

The local's in Hi-def on DirecTV look awesome. I was with TWC and just switched, and the picture is great. We will see how it looks for football shortly. Plus I have NFL Network and ESPN2HD now!