Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Get Your Hi-Def Fix In Every Room Of The House

OK, so you've got your Hi-Def TV and you're amazed at just how sharp Jack Bauer looks on Fox's "24" or how you can see every single inch of makeup of the faces of the anchors of "Good Morning America."

Now, you just want your HDTV fix in more places.

Avocent Corporation has what it's calling the industry's first wireless high-definition media extender providing both wired and wireless connectivity in one product.

This is a cool emerging technology that's going to have good uses in the future. Right now, it seems a bit pricey for the average consumer and you must have multiple hi-def sources (computers, TVs) to make use of the technology, but being able to only rent on HD-Box from DirecTV or DISH or Time Warner cable might prove to be a cost-saving option for some people, or even being able to start watching a broadcast in the den and finish in the bedroom, might be a big convience.

The Emerge MPX1000 HD Multipoint Extender incorporates high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) technology for moving high-definition content from one source to multiple destinations.

High resolution computer graphics up to 1280 x 768, HD video up to 720p, stereo audio, and control data are wirelessly transmitted to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers.

"This breakthrough," said Mitch Friend, senior vice president and general manager of Avocent. in audio-video delivery is a step towards meeting the market's push for higher resolutions by providing true digital picture and sound content delivery to displays for presentation and digital signage applications."

The MPX1000 includes a transmitter and receiver that provide feature rich, high-definition media support for use in professional audio-visual applications. The Emerge MPX1000 extension product extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3000 feet and wirelessly through walls up to 150 feet, or up to 1000 feet line of sight with optional directional antenna.

The MPX1000 extender solution is accessible through two primary user interfaces: an on-board web server that allows browser-based unit control and configuration, and a front panel display that provides push-button access to system status. The extenders allow for control of attached audio-visual equipment through RS-232 serial and infrared connections.

Components of the wireless HD extender solution include a transmitter priced at $1,095 (MSRP), a receiver priced at $995 (MSRP), and a transmitter module and receiver module priced at $195 (MSRP) each.

Universal Readies Digital Comic to Promote Film

Are we ready for digital comic books?

Universal Pictures and Planetwide Media are launching a Smokin' Aces digital comic to help promote the feature film on the same name that drops Jan. 26 and stars Ben Affleck, Alicia Keys and rapper Common along with the real star of HBO's "Entourage," Jeremy "Ari Gold" Piven.

The 30-page comic includes six stories written by Smokin' Aces writer/director Joe Carnahan, with illustrations by IDW Publishing.

The movie has, what producers call, "interlocking tales of high stakes and low lifes," including a Mob boss Primo Sparazza who has taken out a hefty contract on Buddy "Aces" Israel (Piven) -- a sleazy magician who has agreed to turn state's evidence against the Vegas mob. The FBI, sensing a chance to use this small-time con to bring down big-target Sparazza, places Aces into protective custody -- under the supervision of two agents dispatched to Aces' Lake Tahoe hideout.

For me, this will be a must-see -- in the summer or fall on HBO. The comic? Probably will pass on it, too.

Football On Your Cell Phone

If you can't to get home to get your Madden videogame fix, Gameloft has Reggie Bush Football available to play on your cellie.

The publishers claim the game will "redefine how players experience football on their cell phones. With all new offensive moves and exclusive quarterback passing controls, players can participate in sixteen full games on a textured field with high-quality graphics."

Me? I think the screen might be a little small.

EA Launches New The Sims Titles

Electronic Arts is The Sims Stories, laptop-friendly games that will feature engaging characters and easy-to-play storylines.

The Sims Stories games are the latest offering from the popular Sims franchise, which has been translated into 22 languages and sold more than 70 million games worldwide.

The Sims Stories, introduces an all-new Story Mode with two stories that follow the lives of Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore, two very different characters who have reached similar crossroads in their love lives. Players can take their Sims through unique and entertaining storylines filled with romance, intrigue and dramatic twists. Will female lead character Riley ditch beau number one to marry and have kids with beau number two? Will successful entrepreneur Vince ever find love, or the culprit who’s been foiling his heart-earned efforts to find it?

“Everyone loves a good story. The Sims Life Stories gives players two wonderful romantic comedies to enjoy,” declared Rod Humble, VP Head of Studio for The Sims Division. “For those who are interested in The Sims, The Sims Stories are accessible and fun for everyone.”

Ace Attorney Justice Hits DS

Capcom has released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All for the Nintendo DS. The second game in the court room battle series from Japan introduces four new cases featuring new characters, plot twists and gameplay features. Players resume the role of Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who must prove his client’s innocence against the toughest of odds and most ruthless of adversaries.

Players must exercise their legal prowess as they collect evidence, examine witnesses, analyze testimonies and seek the truth to ensure that justice prevails. The game is characterized by its memorable characters, engaging storylines and unique gameplay format, all presented in a comical anime style.

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