Monday, January 29, 2007

Planning to try Vista, let me know how it goes

You going to try Vista today?

I'm on the fence about trying Microsoft's new operating system. I ran the company's diagnostic tool last week to see if my Dell laptop had enough horsepower to handle the complex new program. It does and now I'm in a quandry.

I want the new promised speed and security, but my setup -- while sometimes a bit, um, "cloggy" -- works well. XP is the most reliable version of Windows I've ever tried.

So I'm watching Billy Gates on the Today show and he's talking about how Vista is so secure, how I can keep tabs on what the kids are doing, how the internet is going to revolutionize TV and I'm darn near ready to go to CompUSA and pull out the Visa Gold.

But then I get an email from David Milman, founder of RescueCom, an independent national computer reapir and technology company.

Milman says I should not buy Vista and neither should you. Not right now.

He says we should wait for the glitches to be worked out. Gates said the product was tested by five million people and is ready to roll.

"While the hype surrounding Vista is in many ways justified, we are urging the tens of thousands of businesses and home computer users we service to take a wait and see approach," Milman said. "Sometimes the latest is not necessarily the greatest and we'd hate some minor glitch to result in major headaches for our customers or anyone else."

Milman says we should wait six months before we jump headfirst into Vista.

"Allow the early users to discover the flaws and weaknesses and allow Microsoft to perfect this exciting product before blindly and enthusiastically placing your computers and your data in its care," Milman said.

I'm still on the fence, but if any of you jump in, please let me know how it goes for you.

Midway Readies First Person Shooter for PC/Next Gen Consoles

Midway Games Inc. announced BlackSite: Area 51, an action packed, first person shooter experience which pits gamers against alien enemy forces using the infamous U.S. government landmark, Area 51, and the surrounding areas as the battlefield backdrop. BlackSite: Area 51 is currently in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft PCs.

The game is set in present day and players take the role of a decorated military veteran charged by the government to lead a squadron of “secret soldiers,” each with his/her own specialty skill set, into the Rachel, Nevada area to fight off the invasion of unidentified enemy races.

Countdown To Super Bowl Online

Beginning Wednesday, will present a 30-minute Super Bowl pregame show shot on location in Miami.

"Countdown to Super Bowl" will be hosted by eight-year NFL veteran and CBS Sports reporter Spencer Tillman, former NFL personnel executive and now analyst Pat Kirwan and former NFL General Manager and now part of The NFL Today on CBS Sports, Charley Casserly.

The show, which will appear online daily no later than 6 p.m., will feature the latest news, interviews and expert analysis surrounding Super Bowl XLI, including special guests such as Hall of Fame quarterback and analyst for The NFL Today on CBS Dan Marino, Hall of Fame running back and Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl IX Franco Harris, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, former All-Pro tight end and analyst for The NFL Today on CBS Shannon Sharpe and "Mercury" Morris, the starting running back for the historic 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins.

Daily Schedule of Guests on "Cadillac Countdown to Super Bowl"

Wednesday, January 31st
Former All-Pro tight end and analyst for The NFL Today on CBS Shannon Sharpe; The starting running back for the historic 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins, "Mercury" Morris

Thursday, February 1st
Hall of Fame quarterback and analyst for The NFL Today on CBS Dan Marino; Hall of Fame running back and Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl IX Franco Harris

Friday, February 2nd
Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon
New York Giants LB Antonio Pierce
Baltimore Ravens LB Bart Scott

Saturday, February 3rd
Buffalo Bills WR Lee Evans
Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt
Boxers Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Complete PGA Tour Season In HD

The PGA Tour announced that all broadcast network coverage in 2007 will be presented in high definition for the first time, beginning with last weekend's coverage of the Buick Invitational on CBS.

Under the new six-year deals, tour network partners CBS and NBC will provide exclusive weekend broadcast network coverage and will telecast all of their coverage during the inaugural FedExCup points competition in high definition. In addition, all live early-round Golf Channel coverage for these events will be simulcast on the new Versus Golf HD Channel. In total, 29 PGA TOUR events and approximately 440 hours of action will be broadcast in high definition by the three television partners.

“Golf is the ideal subject for showcasing the power of the HD format. It enhances the viewing experience more for the PGA Tour than for any other sport,” said Gil Kerr, Senior Vice President of Broadcasting, Programming and Productions for the PGA Tour. “One of the most attractive aspects of the game to our viewers is the spectacular places we play – the famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach, the majestic beauty of Amen Corner and the water-lined closing holes at The Player's Championship.

"Golf is not simply about players playing each other; it is about players battling the course. HDTV will capture the challenge of every course like never before – whether it’s a towering drive on a driveable Par 4, a buried lie in a greenside bunker or a tee shot on a windy day at the famous island green at TPC Sawgrass.”


Clayj said...

Going to pick up Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Ultimate in a couple of hours... I don't foresee any problems installing or using either.

Clayj said...

OK, one point right off the bat: When you are opening your Vista or Office 2007 package, be VERY careful that the sticker you have to peel away to get the box open doesn't take the product key sticker with it. My Vista Ultimate package had a problem with this (Office did not, so I suspect this will occur randomly) and my product key sticker was all torn up. I had to act like a forensic scientist to piece together what my correct product key is... Vista's installing now.

Also, note that the Vista compatibility checker will likely flag one or more applications you have installed on your computer as not compatible with Vista. This won't stop you from installing, but be warned that some apps may need to be upgraded once Vista is installed. You can run the Vista compatibility checker BEFORE you even buy Vista, so you can find out what apps won't work. I've heard that Quickbooks 2006 is not AT ALL compatible with Vista right now, so you might want to talk to Intuit if you have Quickbooks 2006 and are thinking of upgrading to Vista.

More updates as I go.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Thanks guys, keep 'em coming

Clayj said...

Well, I finally got Vista installed.

The bad news is that I was not able to upgrade my existing installation of Windows XP MCE 2005 to Vista... each time I tried (and I tried several times, with various troubleshooting steps and even a call to Microsoft mixed in there), the setup would get to "Expanding Files (21%)..." and it would basically hang. So, I moved all of my data off of one of my hard drives (I have three) and did a clean install of Vista there... installed like a champ. Now I am in the process of reinstalling all of my apps, putting my data files back where they belong, and getting everything else set up correctly before I zap the old copy of Windows from the old C: drive. (I suppose a clean install is a good thing to have done in this case, but I don't like having to involuntarily waste my time like that.)

Anyway, now it's running... and it's SWEET. Beautiful interface, great security (trying to do ANYTHING that might mess with the system causes you to be prompted to click OK), and it's really snappy. Got Office 2007 installed, too, and it's amazingly cool so far.

My advice to you: If you're gonna try to upgrade your existing Windows to Vista, make sure you back up your data first (you should be doing this, anyway) and clear some time on your calendar. If you can swing doing a clean install, it will install VERY quickly and all you'll have to do then is to reinstall your apps and put your data files back where they belong.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Interesting, thanks ClayJ

Clayj said...

You're quite welcome, Langston.

Biggest issue today: I usually play Internet radio (Groove Salad) on one of my Mac minis, and pump the audio through my Windows PC by running a cable into my sound card's line in jack. I can see that the sound is reaching the line in jack, but no sound is playing through my speakers. My speakers DO work for playing sounds on the Vista box, but the line in sound no longer plays. Not sure why.

Otherwise, Vista's running really, really well.

Clayj said...

BTW, got my line in to work on my sound card... it just needed (surprise!) a new driver for Vista.

If you've got the hardware for it, I highly recommend Vista. There's no need to wait 6 months for all the "bugs to be worked out"... it's amazingly stable right now.