Monday, April 28, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 should be rated X

The last installment in the hugely popular "Grand Theft Auto" video-game series needed a re-release because of an "accidental" piece of code inserted into the game. That code allowed players to have some pretty graphic sexual encounters with digital female characters.

The game was quickly slapped with an Adults Only rating, prompting Rockstar Games to take the code out and release the game again with a more consumer-friendly Mature rating.

Tuesday, "Grand Theft Auto IV" debuts in stores, and it needs an Adults Only rating, too.

I wrote a column in Monday's editions over the controversy this game is sure to cause.

That was before I saw some of the detailed clips that began hitting various game sites Monday -- all with an age verification screen warning beforehand.

The new game, among other things, allows players to choose one of three prostitutes for various forms of sex in a car. It graphically displays simulated group sex in a strip club. The images are about in line with something you might see after midnight on certain movie channels.

The question is: Why is this in a video game?

I haven't played "GTA IV" yet, but I was simply shocked by the clips I saw. It's as if Rockstar Games is sticking its finger up at the establishment that wants this game shut down. Violence, as usual, is plentiful, too. The game is obviously marketed towards adults and I hope retailers only sell it to those over 18.

I realize controversy helps make games sales, but I think the company has stepped over the line with this one.

Read Langston's review of the game by clicking here


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KC said...

Why is this in a video game?

Because we're going to buy it in droves. That's why.

I'm boggled as to how people can not understand this. 12 year olds aren't the only consumer of video games.

Your question is akin to seeing an R rated movie and complaining it's not suitable for children. Your entire article is based on the unstated hypothesis that "games are only for children."

Nick said...

Isn't that for the consumer to decide? Is animated pornography over the line just because some people may not like the idea of displaying that type of content in a format they think should be reserved kids?

Because video games are interactive does that mean that mature content over the line?

Anonymous said...

I would not let my children play this game. Nor would I let them watch an R-rated movie, or listen to music with content that I find objectionable.

But the Grand Theft Auto games are not made for my children. They are made for adults who are over the age of 17.

If you find the content of these games objectionable, then be a responsible parent and make sure that your children are not exposed to this content.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So the cold blooded murders you do by the score, running over people, whacking them in the head with pipes, all that stuff in the main story doesn't affect you, but a little sex scene on the side gets you all upset? Oh.

Anonymous said...

If children are playing this game, or any other game with content designed for ADULTS, the parents should be prosecuted. Stop blaming the companies. If the parents are allowing their children to play these types of games, knowingly or unknowingly, they are responsible.

Mark P said...

What exactly do you think the 'Adults Only' rating means? Do you think it means that it's ok for kids to be playing it?

Conrad said...

This is an adult game, that's why there is a rating system. Kids shouldn't be playing it anyway. If you don't like it, then don't play it.

Anonymous said...

It figures... his fav game is Madden.

'nuff said. *rolls eyes*

Nick said...

KC wins the thread. I don't know anyone under the age of 23 that has pre-ordered this game.

The average age of people who play Video games is 33

The average age of people who buy video games is 38.

91% of people under the age of 18 have their parents with them when they buy video games.


Nathan said...

They do it so that people who have not played the game at all can opine from a position of complete ignorance, therefore revealing themselves to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

It should be rated X? I wasn't aware X was a video game rating. It would be called Adults Only on the ESRB scale. But what does that mean really? That you have to be 18 to buy it as opposed to 17? That really makes a difference! Maybe they should teach abstinence in it like they do to kids in schools. It's doing such a fine job helping increase teen pregnancy and STD rates!

Anonymous said...

You should be rated "S" for stupid. I've seen more graphic sexual encounters depicted in PG-13 films than in GTA series games. You admit that you haven't played the game yet, but judge it without hesitation.

Our society loves violence... you see it on almost every prime-time TV show. Tons of summer "blockbusters" depict guys riddling people with bullets. Yet if a man and a woman engage in that oh-so-taboo activity, it's absolutely HORRIBLE. GTA isn't for kids, so stop pandering to them. Be an adult.

Anonymous said...

There is a solution. Stop buying graphic games for your kids. This game has been in the front pages of everything for five years or so. You know it is bad for your kids.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. Learn to be a responsible parent.

I'll gladly play this game late at night while my kids are asleep and enjoy the pure decadence of it.

They can run around kicking balls in the backyard and be none-the-wiser about my doings.

Take responsibility people. Stop expecting the government to do it all for you. Know what your kids do, what they like, and what they spend their money on. Talk to them. It's really not that hard. Stop depending on others to raise your kids. Sheesh.

Darrick said...

People have already nailed the point. Just because it's a video game doesn't mean it's for kids. The game industry is maturing as gamers are getting older. Just as there are many violent and/or sexual rated-R movies that are clearly for adult audiences, video games will begin having that sort of distinction as well.

Anonymous said...

How about you actually comment on the game after you've played it? How much of what you saw was just hype? It wouldn't be the first time that Rockstar and Take Two played the media for fools for free press each time someone who hasn't even played the game makes a sensationalist remark about hookers and sex in a video game.

Tristan said...

I don't see the issue here. It's at best R-rated material, and the game carrys the ESRB equal to the MPAA's R, the M rating.

It's a game by adults, for adults. If your kid plays it, without you knowing what it's all about, then you failed as a parent.

It's a parents responsibility to monitor their kids gaming habits. Don't blame rockstar, take2, gamestop or anyone else, it's your job and your job alone.

Don't punish us adults for playing this type if game, or even watching a simular type of movie. That's unjest.

Chris said...

Right on the front of the box. M for mature. Can't miss it. Even the name of the game would make you think, "Hey, maybe this game isn't for kids!"

Jeff said...

Those "after midnight" movies you talk about are generally rated "R".

GTA IV is rated "M".

Both ratings mean the same thing, that the game is intended for adults and those mature enough for adult themes.

From the MPAA: . . . An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements, so that parents are counseled to take this rating very seriously.

From the ESRB: Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

What you want is for GTA IV to be slapped with an "AO" rating. The AO rating is the equivalent of the MPAA's NC-17 (formerly called X) rating.

Sorry. GTA IV is not X rated material. It's R rated, as your own comparison to "after midnight movies" proves.

Anonymous said...

Damn these kids and their dang video games. They are making it so hard to be an irresponsible parent nowadays. Instead of just putting my kid in front of TV all day, now I actually have to make some kind of minor effort to make sure my kids only see graphic violence and not semi-graphic video game sex.

What next, and I actually going to have to talk to my kids once or twice as they develop into adults? I just can't trust these video games to make sure I have a normal socially adjusted child anymore!Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

RonnyGunz said...

I was hoping you could point me in the direction of the graphic group sex in the strip club. Having sex with prostitutes has been a series trademark since at least the third in the series and is usually represented by the car rocking surreptitiously in a dark alley.

The strip club scenes feature lap dances, with more than 1 stripper occasionally, but all of the "strippers" have their breasts and pelvic areas covered.

You haven't played the game, you can't know, except to claim you've seen things in a video that you haven't seen.

This seems like another case of journalistic hyperbole. Did you people miss when God of War and God of War II came out? There was actual nudity in that one.

I would recommend finding a subject that you are familiar with and talking about that.

Anonymous said...

You are honestly claiming that the sex content in the game was more explicit than anything you have ever seen in an R rated movie?

I am having trouble reconciling it being equivalent to late night cable with it being equivalent to something that would be rated 'X'.

Anonymous said...

It's in a video game because it's in Hollywood movies and prime time television.

Did you know that they have programs for teaching children to use (real) fire arms at gun ranges?

Anonymous said...

I think this game is fantastic, it allows kids to more quickly adapt to the real world once they enter it. I know I'll be buying two copies, one for me and one for my 9 year old son.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything said above. Games rated for 17 and up are no different than an R rated movie. And from your description, the content is comparable.

Think about it folks, can anyone remember a single NC-17 movie in theaters? But I'm sure you can think of PLENTY with graphic content that were all rated R.

Stop letting your kids play this stuff. It's not made for them or they would have shot for a lower rating.

HINT: When gangs, prostitution, murder and sex are the basic themes of the game, it's not for little Johnny.

The fact that EVERY poster here feels the same should clue you in that as a reviewer, you're doing it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Parents control access to the games their kids play. Don't blame rockstar for putting this in the game, blame the parents for letting their kids play it. Get off your moral high horse and stop being offended on behalf of others.

Jack said...

Why is this in a video game?

Shockingly, those of us that played video games as kids still play them as adults. However, like our taste in books and movies, our taste in preferred storylines for games matured.

You don't rent "No Country for Old Men" for your kid, and you don't buy this for them either. Some things are for an adult audience.

Anonymous said...

Dear Langston Wertz Jr.,

You suck at your job.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I suppose they still sell smelling salts at your local chemists in your neighborhood?

I suppose you've never seen Cartoon Network's "adult swim"? It probably comes on after your bedtime, but you may want to TIVO it sometime.

So, if games must all be sanitized for kids, then, obviously all cartoons must be, too?

Please put up all the sharp and heavy objects in your house. Or, do us a favor, and don't. I'm sure you'll be winning a Darwin award soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read all the comments and I'm sure someone has beaten me to this, but responsibility lies soley with the PARENTS. Not the developer, not the publisher, not the distributor, not the retailer, not the sales clerk, but the PARENTS. I happen to work for one of the largest video game retailers and because of irresponsible PARENTS we're required to inform on the rating a game gets and why it is rated so. Nine out of ten times when I inform a parent of a mature rating, which GTA IV recieved, they inform me that their kids hear/see/say worse at home.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I hear you can also see Hannah Montana's back if you enter the right GameShark code. OMFG right? While we're at it, let's go find some witches to hunt. Oh wait, we already found one...

Anonymous said...

One good point he brings up is the X rating. Why aren't there more X rated games? If the graphics were good I would buy them.

Anonymous said...

Anybody read this guys column from Monday he links to? He thinks the game is called "Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City". Clearly he has his facts straight.

JudgeSmails said...


Anonymous said...

Langston Wertz Jr's moustache should be rated X.

Logan Hejl said...

While I do feel that you review of the is short-sighted in spotting the target audience, I would like to commend you on a byproduct of this column. You managed to dig up every chicken-shit without the balls to give their names while writing such vile things about you. If "you" are unwilling to give your name, your opinion does not matter.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what he said in both stories. The game is going to be bought by kids and Rock Star is also marketing towards kids. Anybody check out when and what channels the ads are airing on? Try Nick. Try Disney. All day Sunday during basketball.

These guys will make millions. Let's hope a few kids don't kill others (as has happened) b/c they were "copying" what they saw on GTA.

Reverend Frag said...

"Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream."

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Logan Hejl, if that is your real name. And was that foul language really necessary? As I see it, you are the one saying vile things.

Highmay said...

Way to drive up the hits on your also-ran blog.

Anonymous said...

"I have to agree with what he said in both stories. The game is going to be bought by kids and Rock Star is also marketing towards kids. Anybody check out when and what channels the ads are airing on? Try Nick. Try Disney. All day Sunday during basketball.

These guys will make millions. Let's hope a few kids don't kill others (as has happened) b/c they were "copying" what they saw on GTA."

The above is pure ignorance. Fact is that violent crime has gone down with kids as video games have become more popular. And the fact is they are carding everyone who buys this. Are you saying you are powerless against television commercials? Come on, really.

Anonymous said...

What the heck does "irrogant" mean? Maybe you should put down the game and pick up a book.

Anonymous said...

You know, I agree with a lot of points here, but Wertz makes some good ones, too. I have played all but one of the GTAs to completion and I'm not so sure we need a game like this, mainly because most of us are consenting adults who can differ between a game and the real world. Too many teens play these things and think about Columbine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some things he has said over time. I read his work in the paper here often. I disagree with some. I can get where he comes from. To each his own I guess. Now, I'm going to buy GTA4!

Anonymous said...

How can you comment if you haven't even played it...

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was to dog this guy, like some of you, then I scrolled down and read some of his other posts. Seems to know his shit and the Kobe one is right one.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft Word - Journalist Edition must have a template for these stories by now.

Anonymous said...

"I realize controversy helps make games sales"

Ding ding ding. why does any company sell a product? To make money. Don't like it, don't buy it. It's pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is it ever nice to see almost 100% rational comments. What a treat. I do have one thing to point out, though: someone called this journalism. This is NOT journalism, this is a blog. I thought the Fark link would have been a news story, but it's not. To the author: go back to shoving your bible in the faces of people who want you to go away.

Anonymous said...

The question is... why can this be described in mature books, portrayed in mature television and movies, depicted in mature magazines and even comics... but somehow it is Wrong(TM) to include it in a mature video game?

Anonymous said...

Manhunt 2 was worse but no one complained. Why? Manhunt 2 got HORRIBLE reviews.

Also the "high score" in school shootings is held be Cho who hated all American videogames besides Tetris, calling them decadent and meaningless. Of course the fact that he never learned teabagging probably gave him the time to score a few more kills.

Anonymous said...

This games needs an AO rating as much as Marylin Manson and DOOM caused Columbine.

Dear editorial writer, your opinion is your opinion after all even if no one else shares it.

Derek said...

Hrm. What KC and the "rated 'S' for 'stupid'" guy said.

The game isn't for adults, and you haven't even PLAYED it.

Anonymous said...

His favorite game is madden, I think thats enough.

Anonymous said...

You review video games for a living? What was the milkman busy? He could have done a better job than this post.

Anonymous said...

Langston, I have to disagree with most of your points here. This is an adult game for adults. The problem is when retailers allow kids to buy it. Kind of like porn or alcohol or cigarettes. The Kobe piece down below though, right on!

Anonymous said...

There is a bigger difference in the AO rating and the M rating than just being able to sell to 17 or 18 year olds. The main difference is that any non-video game specific retail store refuses to sell a game rated AO but they will sell a game rated M. Stores that won't sell AO include Walmart, Bestbuy, Sears, Blockbuster, etc. Thus, having an AO rating causes a big financial hit to the developer, pormoting them to downgrade it to an M.

Also nick: I am 20 and I preorded the game!

Rev. Wright said...

Wow, the comments in here are crazy. I can't say where i read anything inflammatory or non-journalistical. It's his opinion. He doesn't like it. I do. We'll all move on. Geez, if this country is anything like some of these posts, we do need change in November.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Saudi-America.

Mares said...

Most people who are negative about games like this do indeed seem to forget just a few things.

For one, no one's forcing younger kids (or anyone, for that matter) to play this kind of game. If the material is inappropriate for kids, then parents need to not buy the game for their kids. I had a friend who worked in a game store; the number of parents who would buy these sorts of games for their kids, even after having the rating explained to them, was astounding. They would rather buy the games to keep their kids happy and complain about it later, claiming that they didn't know.

Also, as several people have said, not all gamers out there are young kids. There is a wide range of ages among us, and with these different age sets in the gamer community comes a need for a good variety of genres in the games produced. Just as some games are definitely not meant for kids, the games that are meant for them usually don't appeal to older gamers. Just because some parents are permissive with what their kids are exposed to, that doesn't mean that they should be so and it shouldn't mean that older gamers have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

KC was right on the ball with this one. Your entire thought process is deplorable. How a somewhat-intellectual being such as yourself has ended up being on the side of stupidity on this issue is beyond me.

Steve said...

Please don't pick up the bible because you may be shocked, SHOCKED to find sex & violence in there too.

Anonymous said...

What you, the creator of this article, fail to see is that this is a game for ADULTS, sure there are kids who will play the game, but it's not their fault, it should solely be vested in the parents to do the right thing. Now, I'm 15 years old, and I know that all of this material in the game is not REAL. Emphasis on "not REAL." It's a game for adults, but I completely understand what is going on in the game and I know it won't affect me, and if you can't take a satirical game based on American culture, then don't rant about it.

Also, on another note, the ESRB AO rating is a complete failure, as no console company (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) will allow the publication of AO games for their games unless it is made by there own studios, which is why the AO rating should be removed and the M rating should be made the highest rating a game can get.

Anonymous said...

How many prudes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

John H. said...

I thought the column was good and actually pointed out what a lot of you all are saying -- its' a game for adults but we need to make sure kids don't get it....The blog says he was surprised by the content, given what happened the last time. I can see that. But this is GTA. It's always gonna have that stuff. But even I was surprised by how much. Rockstar is going to have the moral majority crawling up their butts when this thing comes out.

Anonymous said...

Why is it in a video game? You know Langston. It's going to make $200 million by Friday. should it be? Your'e right. Probably not, but so long as it hits the audience intended, all is well.

Anonymous said...

Grow up man. Life is not "all about the children". Your blatant hypocrisy at implicitly approving the vast amounts of violence in the game and only having issues with the sexual content shows you to be yet another nanny-state loving, pro-censorship, anti-freedom buffoon. If you don't want your kids to play the game, don't buy it for them. I won't be buying it for mine, but I sure as hell won't try to keep anyone else from making their own choice about it. Besides, someone's kid has to grow up to dig ditches, might as well make the selection criteria as voluntary as possible.

Anonymous said...

You have pretty much lost ALL credibility. You have become the joke of the day on a few websites non-gaming related.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, what's the big difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old anyway?

You can smoke at 18? You can buy porn at 18?

The majority of the population has seen nudity before's part of growing up.

I suggest you do the same and not be a prick about it, and keep your kids (if any) "protected" from this kind of thing and let the rest of the population deal with their kids.

Anonymous said...

So I read this and it's articles like this that make me wonder even more if parents these days are too stupid to actually be parents? If the game has animated sex, then maybe little Timmy shouldn't play it. What a novel idea. I'm glad BS articles like these get more attention then the thousands of bad parents who will buy this game for their kids to shut up the little whining brats and then not two weeks later go crying to their Congressman because someone was killed in a gun fight.

Good game parents, good game. Oh, and the Hot Coffee mod was only accessible through a MODIFICATION TO THE GAMES CODE on the PC version and by USING A THIRD-PARTY ADD-ON DEVICE THAT MODIFIES THE GAMES CODE on the consoles. Not exactly something you'll stumble upon while just driving around the streets.

Anonymous said...

It graphically displays simulated group sex in a strip club.

This is useless without links to the videos.

Double T said...

Why does this post have to re-hash the GTA:SA non-scandal?

It is simply untrue that there is "pretty graphic sex" in that game. That content was removed prior to release and can only be accessed through an act of hacking. Frankly, anyone capable of doing that is more than capable of finding some real porn.

Anonymous said...

Eventually there will come a time when people (who are culturally stagnant), will understand that video games are not just for kids.
If this guy was reviewing media in the early 40s he would probably condemn "Gone With the Wind" for abrasive language before even seeing it. He wouldn't have taken the time to appreciate a masterpiece for it's artistic value. That, in itself, is bigotry. A mature adult would at least formulate an opinion after experiencing it for himself instead of trying to stir up attention for denouncing a popular piece of art.
I Agree with the majority of people on here in asking myself the question, "This guy is a game reviewer?"

Anonymous said...

one of three prostitutes? that's so wrong. First, it's a next-gen game, it should have at least 20 or 30 different prostitutes to choose from, with deformable models, to accomodate any fetishes the consumer might have (I'm sure you, Langston, would like to see some meat in those bones, am I rite "brother"?)
Second, why choose one when you can have all three of them? Or maybe clone a couple them, get twins? If you're short on cash (they are prostitutes after all, they need to make a living), you can know over a few extra liquor stores.

Anonymous said...

"Why is this in a video game?"

My question to you is "why not"? There are children's movies and there are adult movies, just as there are children's video games and adult video games. GTA is a game meant for adults, so what is the problem with adult content?

Why does it seem that many people over 40 can't grasp this concept? ADULTS PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOO!

Frank Farber said...

Wow, this thing has stocked some fires. I've read about this on three message boards I visit. I think the column was fine, the blog was his opinion, too. Most hard core gamers, like those who respond here, will disagree. I think some people who are more casual gamers or non gamers, like me, would be surprised to know about what he wrote about. My kids want this game. Not now.

Trendon said...

"He has reviewed video games and tech equipment for 10 years."

That cannot be true if you are confused by what GTA offers.

That aside, perhaps you should call your partner-in-cry, Jack Thompson of Florida. The two of you will surely have a fun time flapping your gums and making noise over something that isn't an issue in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I must now have this game.

Anonymous said...


This game is for 18 and over.
Its a parent's responsibility. Not lawmakers and/or the media

fucface said...

why is this a video game???
Because its America dammit.
if you want to blog about things you dont know anything about....pull your head out of your ass.


no i didnt sign it idiot, you are one

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the fact that there is NO nudity & NO group sex.
Langston Wertz Jr. has my nomination for douche bag of the year.
Ignorance is curable but stupidity is permanent

Anonymous said...

"Can we talk about the fact that there is NO nudity & NO group sex."

No, that would make too much sense. Even if there were, the gamer is too busy blowing shit up and finishing the missions to bother with that crap. If we want titties, the Internet is a much easier and more rewarding source for them.

And, by the way, the letters in this word verification are absolutely impossible to fucking see.

But, of course, typical of idiots like this, violence is OK, but a tit is cause for major alarm.

Anonymous said...

Well your a NAZI plain and clear, also an idiot.

Lets ban cigarettes, alchol,
R rated movies, and anything else for adults.

Why dont sell all your worthless crap and move into disneyland. There you can live this insane fantasy that this world is for the kids.

Its rated mature, its for adults. But there are idiots like you that think just cause its a game it for kids.

It's not idiot, its for adults.


Next time think for atleast a minute before you go typing this kind of crap.

Only adults can buy this, think about that, then apoligize for being 100% WRONG.

Alan Clegg said...

Looks like Langston Wertz Jr got 0wned by the readers.

Yup, adult game made by adults for adults.

Get off my lawn, and out from in front of my TV set!

Anonymous said...

This coming from a guy whos favorite game is madden. You have no clue about the gaming industry or the customers. Im sad that you get paid for this. Im sad for you, you think you matter and that people care about your opionions, they dont. You have wasted your whole life. You amount to nothing.
you waste your time writing down your thoughts. YOU HAVE FAILED IN LIFE. Go do something worthwhile, help someone, build something, but please GET A REAL JOB.

Anonymous said...

The crap about violence and nudity in video games got old a long time ago.

I was in high school during the whole justin timberlake/janet jackson fiasco during the superbowl halftime show.

I got in trouble at school for drawing a comic of the superbowl 2010 in dallas, TX(a capital punishment state) where the fox blimp hung overhead advertising the live execution of the 2 celebrities.

I actually got off the hook for the trouble I got in when I explained the point to the comic that surprisingly few people actually got the satire of it.

The satire in saying that we are now a society where violence is ok but breasts are outlawed. That sexual imiages are in the words of Jack Thompson "more of a threat to the america's youth than drugs and alcohol"

Dave said...

When they made manhunt 2 why did everyone come down so hard on it. Now GTA gets a free pass. Where is the justice? Where is the love?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the author talking about? The game is rated M. It's parents' responsibility to see their kids' games.

And also:"It graphically displays simulated group sex in a strip club"
This is totally false.

It shows how much the author is ignorant.

Mike Shipley said...

I'm not so sure we need a game like this

So, because you decide you don't need to play something, by extension, no-one needs to?

This is the very problem I have with so-called "moral" people: They think they have the insider information on what's good for people, and begin to lord over others with this pious diety complex under the thinly veiled guise of my well-being in their interests. It's just playing a big moral game of Othello. When the game is over, they want to have more points.

What it comes down to is that people should be inherently entitled to their own choice in deciding what content they view as suitable for them. Just like you wouldn't want your child to be subjected to this very adult content, I don't want to be subject to your sterilistic crusade against everything you disagree with, and there are a lot of us level-headed, mature adults out there that should be given the same right to play them as you have in not playing them.

I'm not saying this entirely applies to the poster I quoted, but there are plenty of you out there, author of the article included that is does apply to.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness will kill us.

Anonymous said...

God you are a stupid stupid man.

Get off the internet, now.. seriously go home.

Anonymous said...

Typical overreaction. All game consoles this will be available on have a system in place that allows parents to place blocks on what games that their children can play on the system.

If you don't want your child playing mature games simply block them from doing so.

Keep your morals to yourself and if you don't want your child playing this game then don't be a dumbass and block him from playing it.

-get off of my lawn.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this just ban the game so I don't have to tell Timmy no approach we seem to be taking in this country.

Anonymous said...

Well its obvious, we all think your wrong.

People have made great points.

You have made none.

And no its not us, its you thats wrong.

If I were you I would say im sorry for this uninformed article.

This is your typical news media.

Opionated and wrong.

I cant wait for your next big piece. I can see it now "Bring Back Prohibition". Or maybe it will be "Lets arrest violent looking people". Or maybe it will be "The Thought Police, We Need Them".

You are ignorant and uninformed.

You are probably scared of your own shadow.

dhk said...

Article was lame and dry. Author said very little new and proposed no solution other than pointing out something.

The problem is the people saying "ban this", "ban that", "censor", "no", to artistic license must realize destroying someone's art, be it a watercolor of a Western American landscape or a video game where people can fornicate under the king in the back seat is irrelevant.

They should have let the game come out with an option to hustle money to get surgery to take a vertebrae from a character's lower back in order to make autobation possible.

"L'enfers, c'est les autres"

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! I cant wait to plow one of those hookers!

Anonymous said...

If it is on cable and therefore not accessable unless purchased, it is okay. But because of the medium, not the content, people have a problem with GTA. Video games are no more child oriented than TV is. If you want to put an adults only rating on GTA, then you need to also support putting warnings or ratings on most cable television channels, many websites that cater to kids, a great deal of respected literature, and the many other forms of sexually explicit and violent materials available to children.

Anonymous said...

wait, you have been reviewing games since the late 80's and you cannot understand why sex is in one?

Could it be because most gamers are NOT under 18 years old?

Most gamers are in the area of 30 years old...we never stopped playing them when we were young and we outnumber the newer generation of gamer players. There have been studies on this that prove it.

Games SHOULD be made to fit their target audience.

Deal with it, you can handle killing people...but not sex! That should be your topic.

"Why are people so ignorant that they think murder is OK but sex is not"

Worldwalker said...

You can't childproof the world.

You can only worldproof your children.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

the author is an uber douchebag. fact is video games are for all generations now. and if i want to bang a hooker and then go kill a homeless man with a bazooka. then thank god this is america so liberal scumbags like this freak can go cry about it while im having some fun. i wonder if this nerd has ever had his eyes blinded by an r rated movie. he should have to physically eat this article with a side of gravy.

GamerParent said...

In response to the article and some posters, this game has a mature rating and should not be sold to minors as a result. If your community or state does not police stores selling mature rated games to minors that is NOT THE PROBLEM OF THE PUBLISHER. Additionally, this game is not marketed to 12 year olds... it is marketed to adults and you would be hard pressed to find a review or advertisement pushing it on said children.

Seriously, we shouldn't be harping on the developers of a seemingly amazing and excellent game, if the reviews are to be believed... to do so, or to go further, is impinging on the constitution and your own rights. We should be looking to those who sell the game to minors and coming down legally on parents who buy minors adult/mature content.

This game exists for similar reasons as to the late night movies mentioned in the article (and indeed, any adult content in any form)... to entertain adults. Outraged parents take heed, do your jobs, police your kids and if you must be upset, look to the vendors who sell it to children and to the parents who buy it for them, they are the criminals, not the developers or those who enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...

Sir, sex is a part of Biology. Get over it. I, for one, welcome our new in game orgy overlords.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I hate how people in here are calling you racial slurs. Two idiots don't make a genius which is unfortunate in your case.

Anyways, don't go comparing a Rated R movie to a Rated M game and then say that the game should be classified as XXX.

I understand that something like this scares people who assume that "crazy" kids are going to go hog wild and kill everything, but seriously ...Did the Omen, Poltergeist or any other controversial movie from back in the day make any of your generation kill everyone?

Nah, when I was 12 I knew better to separate my games from real life. Who the hell runs around jumping on turtle shells, mushrooms and sliding down poles.

This is preposterous! (sweet I actually got to say that...)

Anyways if you find anyone who jumps on turtles and eats mushrooms while sliding on a pole, call me.

My uncle Harold is looking for some shrooms.

Anonymous said...

Why is it in a video game?

Who do you think you are to question the purest art form in existance? The unadbridged virtual simulation of reality, viewed from the perspective of a soul which has been forced to eat or be eaten. He escapes this troubled life to pursue the American dream, of living a past of crime and violence behind and start anew, only to realize the crude reality in which a lot of people areound the world find themselves. ITS THE HUMAN CONDITION. ITS THE AMERICAN DREAM.
If all your small brain can comprehend is the smashing of photorealistic simulations of football players, you, sir, have as much place writing about videogames as your average sports illustrated reader has reviewing, shakespeare, plato, or Cervantes. You sir, are a shame, a fake, a sham.
I hope to not ever come across any of your half-witted mumblings.

Anonymous said...

Jeez... What was your reaction to Duke Nukem 3D... that game had pornographic images in it too... must have gave you a heart attack.

The game is not meant to be purchased by kids, or for kids, or by people with kids, it's meant to be purchased by young adults, or old teenagers.

Mature or Adults Only, not much of a difference one means 17+ the other 21+.

Anonymous said...

You're just upset that the main character isn't black like the last game

Anonymous said...

A movie rated R is for 17 and up. A game rated M is for 17 and up. Is it not obvious such movies and such games may contain similar content? Am I missing something? Because everybody who reflexively criticizes Grand Theft Auto IV surely is.

If kids play this game it's not bad that the game exists, it's bad that someone let them play it. It's parents' jobs to filter this stuff and the ratings make it as easy as can reasonably be expected. If your kid is under 17 and the box says 17+, well, DUH!

Dave said...

Anybody who says their favorite game is Madden, or any other fruity G rated crap is obviously not a gamer. I won't be buying GTA 4, because it's only on systems that crash and break more than half of the time. But that doesn't mean I don't hate censorship, and ever since Mortal Kombat came out when I was a Freshman in high school, that's what these watchdogs have been trying to do. Censor our entertainment like we were in Communist Cuba.

Nick said...

This writer is seriously uninformed and WAY off base.

An R rated (17 and up) movie has sex, violence, nudity, and foul language. Why should the standards be any different for an M rated (17 and up) video game.

I hope they don't pay this guy. He needs to do his research before writing. This is complete nonsense.

Nick said...

By the way, I would clobber this guy in Madden. I'll play as the crappy 49ers and you can pick any time you want. I'll still own you.

Anonymous said...

Why don;t you go over to your buddy jack Thompson's house and play Mickey Mania or something. It's a game designed by and for adults - hence the M rating.

The M stands for Mature not Moral). It is a game. A fantasy.

If you are scared that a boy will play this game and become violent as a result, perhaps you should be more concerned with your Presidents need to send countless numbers of these boys to their death in Iraq.

Have you heard any stories about GTA players tossing puppies off of cliffs? Waterboarding? Torturing men and womens genitalia?

I wish Americans would get as upset about video games as they would about illiteracy, terrible schools, medicare, gay marriage, 'The Drug War'...

Then again, if you write for tiny paper that couldn't get an advance copy of the game like all the other news outlets did then I guess I would be bitter too.

Anonymous said...

You're not living in the real world here.

My comment is different from other people's though.

Kids probably WILL play this game, even if their parents are responsible. But it doesn't matter. Why? Because kids that will play this game probably have access to you know, the internet, where they have seen far worse things. Like tubgirl, goatse, 2 girls 1 cup, hentai, and bondage porn.

I had when I was 14, and I was a girl, and this was 8 years ago. Now kids are far more precocious around the internet.

My mother teaches low income middle school boys, and they talk far more graphically than anything in this game. If you think innocent kids are going to be corrupted by this, you are far off base.

They've already been corrupted, and the video game is probably far more tame than you'd think, to them.

Jim said...

Grand Theft Auto 4 has been subtitled "Liberty City"? Someone should tell their marketing department.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I fail to see what is entertaining about watching figures in a video game having sex. Are you kidding me? That is absolutely ridiculous. If that's your idea of fun - go waste your money on the game - and hear the company laughing all the way to the bank for making money on that trash.

Anonymous said...

Way to fuel the fire. When will these d-bags figure out that giving bad press and making a big deal out of this will only make the under age kids want to get their hands on this more?

Its rated M, if some craptastic mom is willing to buy it for little Johnny, then so be it.But, she needs to be raped for being an idiot.

Chris said...

its this kind of stuff thats bad for the gaming industry.


if you keep complaining about kids playing this stuff. You can only blame 2 people: Mommy and Daddy. They are the people who buy games for their kids, and they have control over what they buy. And if the kid decides to buy the game, the game clerks would immediatly deny cause you have to see ID in order to buy M or AO rated games.

Also, I have some friends who live in Europe, and they think we are sick because we show way too much violence in pretty much everything. While they pretty much have softcore pr0n, on network television. I kinda agree with them, Sex is natural while violence we show is not.

Anonymous said...

The game is called GRAND THEFT AUTO. That alone tells you it's not very kid friendly. If there was sex in a pokemon game, then by all means be outraged. But in a game with prostitutes, cop killing, and drug trafficking? I don't see how parents can be fine with their kids seeing that and yet be outraged by a little pixely nudity.

Chris said... havnt even played it yet?
How can you even rip the game apart if you havnt played it and given a chance yet.

Thats like bashing a movie that you havnt seen yet, but seen trailers of it and automaticly assume that its a pile of crap.

Ben Franklin said...

This so called journalist needs to do a little more fact checking. There is a point when someone posts something mindless that there needs to be a response that is well argued and well researched. So far there have been 130+ posts that have done so. I am expecting a follow up from this "journalist" tomorrow explaining that he didn't know that censorship was a bad thing. Newspapers and censorship have a long standing relationship opposed to one another. I wonder if anyone will contact his editor to let him know about his views.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, old man.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a nominee for douche of the year right here? This article is a sad, sad, sad, cry for attention.

Anonymous said...

dumb article but i'm disappointed in the racist remarks.

here's a video you all should see that addresses this matter:

Anonymous said...

My god, one hundred and thirty six comments, and almost every last one of them echo my sentiments.

I hope you're actually reading these, and are going to attempt to brew up a rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

The 5th commenter here calls you "...irrogant...", and suggests (hyperbolically, I'm sure) that at least one of your forebears is unsafe in your company.

I disagree.

Nine hours after its posting at 3:28pm, your display of enlightenment (which I enjoyed on many levels) was maintaining a response rate of one comment every 4 minutes.

You may have profoundly shallow opinions, young man, but you do! know how to market them, and that is far from irrogant, in my books!

On the other hand, some of your responders seem to be a tad goofy, and only that one (#5) has a really big whatchamacallit, you know, list of words of that he knows.

Maybe the rest should lay off the video games altogether and read a book or something, eh?

See you in Liberty City,

Grigs-b said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andrew said...

Well looks like you've been Farked, so you can expect a fair number of posts like this one calling douche bag. To begin with I don't remember appointing you or frankly anyone else guardian of my morality and sweet innocent virginal mind.

Now personally I smell some Mass Effect type controversy going on but you're the one who's seen the clips not me so I'll take your word on it. I just don't see the fuss, an M rating is gonna keep this particular piece of filth out of the hands of 14 year olds just as effectively as an AO rating and really where did we get it in our heads that sex is actually worse than graphic depictions of violence and gore? Isn't it about time we loosened up to sex in the same way that we've loosened up to the mayhem that permeates the rest of popular media? It could do us some good...

I'm not a huge GTA fan, the games are immersive and well written, but I've never been able to play them for hours on end like I can some games (Not even when I was a young impressionable youth), it grates on me, so I can definitely see where you're coming from. On the other hand, I know when to put down the controller and I know when to not pick up the controller so I'm going to assume that there are other people like me. People who, crazy as the thought may seem, know what they enjoy, what they don't enjoy and what's going to offend them and will, on that basis not play the game. An AO rating isn't going to clue in anyone who doesn't already know they wont enjoy GTA IV.

Brandon said...

Man who hasn't even played the game for himself trying to tell people what to think, perfectly good logic.

J.D. said...

Please remove your ignorant, yet typical and uninformed and stupid article from the freedom that is the internet. People like you incite their own morals and justification on what others may do to relax or do in their spare time, you as an African-American man know what is persecution of your people, now it is the many gamers and individuals out their that divulge in gaming that are being discriminated against.

Do you not understand the concept of a age limit, why do you think that that little sticker with the letter M or R is there for? This simple and informative system shows what age group games are designed for. As many have said, it is the responsibility of adults to control what thier children are viewing.

Anonymous said...

Grand Theft Auto is not a kids game. It's people like you that don't look into how the rating system is setup and don't want to do real reporting. To buy this game you need to get your I.D. checked by the person at the register at the store. So unless you are a parent that doesn't care about taking responsibility for raising your own kids then just give in to their begging like you always do. The same people that complain about their 12 year old playing this game after they buy it for them are the same parents that let their kids watch the Saw movies. Do your research.

Jordan said...

It is people like you that put blame on the game rather than the parents. It is a game that is rated Mature; same concept as a movie is rated R. People under 17 can not purchase it, nor can they go to the movies and see the flick. UNLESS they have a...say it with adult (parent). Well look at that right there a parent let them buy the game/see the movie, and they wound up seeing boobies. Bring down the development studio/production studio. You're an idiot, plain and simple.

Chris E. said...

Oh geez I don't know what's more embarrassing, the fact that this tripe from another non-gamer admonishing the rest of us about how horrible and corrupt our chosen form of entertainment is while subtly endorsing Big Brother style censorship is in my local newspaper and represents my city, or the mind-numbingly childish, stupid and bigoted responses. Everyone loses here. Thank God there are a few of you to set him straight in a more civilized manner.

Anonymous said...

Is rated Mature for a reason. The Mature rating is equivalent to an R rated movie.. stop passing the buck and let the parents take responsability for what they buy to their kids.

Calugareni said...

Typical-people complain about sex, but are okay about violence, murder, and guns. Oh, but I'm worried about the sex (puhleeze). How do I explain to my child that the morals of the United States accepts violence and murder, but sex is bad. Wow, violence is actually up in the Charlotte and in the schools. We now need metal detectors and police officers in our schools. Matter of fact, virtually everyone will have sex and not kill anyone), while few of us will fire a gun (and maybe kill someone). If you complain about the sex, you need to look in the mirror and quit being a hypocrite. How about removing all of the realistic violence from television and the video games and let's see how are society changes.

Anonymous said...

"If children are playing this game, or any other game with content designed for ADULTS, the parents should be prosecuted. Stop blaming the companies. If the parents are allowing their children to play these types of games, knowingly or unknowingly, they are responsible."

x2. It is up to the parents to regulate these games. Parents be responsible for their kid(s).

Anonymous said...

You haven't played the game, you're not a fan of the series, and your entire opinion is based on a couple screen grabs.
You are the definition of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

War in Iraq; A Nuclear Iran; Ecomony on a string; Real Estate Depression; Banks on the verge of colapsing; Oil and gas prices higher than ever; crime outta control.

But, these video games.....THIS IS THE REAL CAUSE FOR ALL OUR PROBLEMS!!!

Anonymous said...

"I haven't played "GTA IV""

Then you have NO room to talk. You are not anyone's daddy on the internet and you are not a customer of the product.

J said...

Just like any TV or Radio show that offends turn it off or in this case don't buy it. Does this game even compare to the real crime on our streets? I think not.

Anonymous said...

I just read the author's bio... WTF seriously 10 years and you don't know the GTA series and what it is about?

Get off the Jack Thompson float! Stop being an attention whore with a mix of captain obvious. How can your bio of reviewing games and tech for 10 years be correct if you're acting shocked about the series now?

Anonymous said...

What up Wertz.I feel a lot of hate on this blog for you.But Langston you been in this business long enough to probably just laugh at these clowns crying over your view.I guess they are jealous you paid to play games all day.Instead playing some stupid game they should be playing with their wives.Keeep on playing with them games you grown boys.Ill take care of your wives for you

Anonymous said...

I think this game should be played by everyone including young kids.

It is an awesome game. I have not played it yet but am looking forward to all its splendor.

Advertise it, sell it, give it away... whatever you have to do to get into households all across America.

Anonymous said...

If I can watch it on TV after midnight, then I should be able to play it in a video game.

Anonymous said...

X-rated video games???

c'mon people. Let's not allow a lack of parenting influence kids and games. This is a healthy outlet and allows a kid to play in a FICTITIOUS environment whilst knowing what's truly right or wrong.

The lack of morals and such that parents fail to teach their kids is the true gripe here. You guys are just crying the same thing the bad parents are saying.

Rather than let tv raise the kids, then blame tv for raising bad kids, let's tell parents to go back and raise their kids and blame them.

This is sad that this stupid article is on the front page.

Geez.. cry me a river.

Dert said...

You're seriously worried about this video game when REAL murderers run rampant on the Charlotte streets, with no recourse from the justice system? Not a half mile from where I work, over 200 people witnessed a 12 year old get gunned down at a party, but thanks to "no snitching" his murderers still walk the same ghetto streets I do? And you're worried about a game?!? Come on man, use your power of words for good, not bollocks!

Anonymous said...

One thing comes to mind when I think of sex in a video game: giggity.

Oh wait, I forgot, they aren't showing anything explicit, its mostly implied for the most part. Doh, my bad. Guess I need to go put on season 1 of The Shield and watch a blond ride some guy and get some nice side-boob action on. Oh, btw: The Shield - its TV-MA and on at 10pm... not midnight.... jackass.

Anonymous said...

Adult's Only is a nice digital censorship. Especially since the consoles do not allow AO games at present configuration. I tip my hat to you Microsoft. Please can people get off their high horse, and realize as an Adult I will choose the games I want to play, and the movies I want to watch. It's a misplaced paranoia. I will also choose the games I want my kids to play, these two factors are not always the same titles.

Anonymous said...

X? Yes, adding another rating will solve the problem. Better yet, let's make color-coded chart like the terror alert, because that worked out well.

You probably need to leave this subject alone. Looks like you are getting owned in these posts.

INFAMOUS said...

if you rate it X even more kids will want to play, REAL TALK!! theres bigger problems in the world than a video game!!


Anonymous said...

Well Rockstar has always made sub par games...If it wasn't for the violence\sex they would have ended it at GTA II due to poor sales\interest.

...80% of the people posting are not buying it because it is a quality game...

Rockstar sucks.

Anonymous said...

Putting sex in the game is the only way to keep parents from handing their kids a game loaded with violence. If it weren't for these sex scenes, how many parents would care that the game features running over pedestrians and shooting up cops? Far fewer, I'd say. So kudos to Rockstar.

Remember, kids: Extreme violence and lawlessness, cool! Boobies, bad!

Anonymous said...

My question to the author is if you are so disturbed by the content, then why do you say, "I havent played the game yet?" It almost sounds like you plan to play it, but with it being so graphical and taboo then perhaps you should really reconsider your decision.

Oh and by the way, I love it when people who havent sat down with a game, book, or movie tries to offer their opinion of it. Langston Wertz Jr FTL!!

Anonymous said...

No comments about the abundant violence? I love this country.

Nudity and sex? NOOOOO! Sin sin!

Extreme violence? Oh, ok, no prob.

BTW, I loved your work on "In Living Color".

Anonymous said...

little do you guys know he was actually paid by RockStar Corporate Marketing Dept to write this promotional article detailing the sexiness of GTA in order to hopefully drive sales through controversy - and all you boneheads who think he's serious and are taking issue with his empty prose are like the idiot crowds the show SouthPark parodies on a weekly basis

Keith said...

You hit it on the head Langston...this 'Game" has no business even being in existence for "Anyone" to purchase. There is enough of this vulgar "CRUD" in the world as it is.

Anonymous said...

^^^Go police your own neighborhood. I am sure you will go home and watch more violent and sexual acts on the TV TONIGHT than you will in the entirety of the GTA series. The damn game is not for kids and that's it. No one ever said ALL video games must be for kids. If this game ends up in your kids hands you are not doing your job.

Anonymous said...

This guys is a retard. Somewhere out in left field with Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

I'd be tempted to say that reading this kind of asinine garbage might be almost as entertaining as playing gta4 if it wasn't for the fact that too many people actually think like this and really don't see any problems in their "thought" process.

You ask the question: "why is this in a video game?" I think a better question for you to ask yourself is "Why am I such a whiny douche?" or "Why am I so shocked and offended by ANIMATED sex and nudity?" I find it hysterical that people are so freaked out by topics like that but hardly bat an eye at all the violence on TV. Violence and sex are two of the only constants in human history and the sooner people come to terms with that the better off the rest of us will be. Stupidity does more damage than exposure to the kinds of themes in GTA4 can ever do. Ever.

As many have said, BE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT. Stop whining and trying to get other people/companies/the government to handle YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES for you. That is a large part of why this nation is going down tubes, people think it is everyone else's fault/problem/responsibility instead of owning up for their own actions. All these idiotic "moral crusaders" and those who identify with people like that disgust me. Mind your own business, don't play it if you don't like it, and take responsibility for your children/your duties as a parent instead of trying to mess with everyone else because you are too pathetic to do it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Author's mom is rated E for everyone!

Saphyn said...

This sort of game and all of you praising and defending it are living proof as to how trashy this country has gotten.

To all of you that state "oh I wouldn't let my children play it." You all make me sick. You're the worst kind of hypocrite there is. Tell your children to do one thing, then turn around and do what you told them not to.

Why don't you set an even better example for your impressionable young ones by not indulging in senseless violence and promiscuity?

With the comments I've read, especially "because we're going to buy it in droves," it's easy to tell you're all going the way of Rome. Remember the ancient country? I do.

You're just history repeating itself.

This game is just one more-blatant sign.

Velkyn Faer said...

One thing I find hilarious is the fact that everyone targets video games and movies when it comes to graphical violence or sex. However, barring the "Harry Potter is ruining children's minds" craze, no one minds that sexually explicit books can be sold to anyone with the money to pay for them.

If Grand Theft Auto IV was a book, would anyone care about the sex or violence in it? I'm sure it's a lot more tame than some of the romance novels out there.

Also, many people scream at the fact that you kill police officers in Grand Theft Auto games. Why don't you see as many people complaining about Oblivion (which has Gaurds, who are basically medieval police officers)or Call of Duty 4? Dead is dead, be it a cop or a terrorist. Why do people only rise up when it's the 'good guys' getting hurt?

Velkyn Faer said...

To the poster above my post:

Children are impressionable and have a hard time telling real life from fantasy. That's why they believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Adults, however, can differentiate between what's real and what's not.

Exposing children to violent games can mess with their development and their views of what's right and wrong.

That's why parents can play but children can't. Parent's won't kill people in the game and think it's all right in life. Why should they be shackled by children's inability to reason? Once the kids can play it (well, they won't be kids anymore, I suppose) they should be allowed to, knowing that what happens in the game is not acceptable behavior.

Saphyn said...

@Faer: One word to rebut: Advertising.

One question: Why would companies spent copious amounts of money on advertising if it didn't work?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Wertz isn't mature enough to play a game rated "M". He probably has his V-chip set for TV-14 too. Perhaps he and Jack Thompson would like to play a relaxing game of hide the joystick, I don't know. What I do know is this: I'm old enough to decide what I want to play, and only I should make that decision. As far as children getting their hands on GTA 4 that decision rests with their parents. How about more parenting in the home and less from the government and various Nanny Nancies like Mr. Thompson and Mr. Wertz.

Velkyn Faer said...


What does advertising have to do with children not being developed enough to tell if the game is real or not? Advertising works, obviously. No one is talking about or criticizing advertising here.

And, you didn't answer any of my questions, I'm curious as to why.

Anonymous said...

Don't mind Langston. He is a moron. He can't even tell the difference between the Charlotte City Council, Charlotte Bobcats, Charlotte Checkers, Charlotte Eagles, and the Charlotte 49ers. He said so himself.

dj_sports said...

if your goal with this article was to show a large group of people how dumb you are, mission accomplished sir

GrowTheHellUp said...

Sweet Buddha, where can I possibly begin...

* That age verification is there for a reason, as in, are you adult in MIND as well as age? Don't play it if your idea of a fun night out is a bridge game with the guys/gals.

* It's in a game because not everyone wants to play with Pikachu (sic), use that ridiculous Wii controller, or Naruto/(insert other tween-flavor-of-the-moment title here. That's like asking why is hardcore metal music or hip-hop there for the choosing.. Just because one person's idea of 'good music' is Hannah Montana, doesnt mean mine is.

All the repetitive complaints, same as the old complaints, nothing new or relevant to add to the current state of things...

oh, you're a MADDEN fan, I guess that explains it all. *snicker*

2K for life. ;)

Anonymous said...

As many people have said it's a game. Why does this world have to destroy such a good form of "disposable income" for the country, with economy already in the shambles. And GTA IV is no different then many of the shows and movies anyone can watch on T.V. on a given night. Movies are rated R, games are rated M, T.V. has parental blocks, and if you look, I think most game systems even have them built in now. Also, as stated before average age of consumers for video games is 33 and I know I'm not trading in all my violent video games for Viva PiƱata or whatever.

Anonymous said...

ok, first of all, people cant say that this game should be x rated , blah blah blah, and dont say that chilren or late teens cant handle the violence.. most of us younger kids and (young adults) can handle more than you adults can,people make this game out to be worse than it really is. Sure theres vulger language but its no different from what people say everyday, if you say you dont swear then your lying, imtired of people stirring up information on gta video games, its bullshit. half the population has probably been with a prostitute, done drugs, drove drunk, or maybe even hurt someone. im am in no way saying that i would like to do these things because i dont, people say oh it should be rated x , what the hell is x its called a for adult, which would be 18 and up. if anyone cant handle these games i think it would be adults. You all make a big deal of a thing that should be paid no attention to, grow up. If you have a problem with the game dont buy it and if you do make sure you know what you getting yourself into, its a form of entertainment, just like movies, music, you dont see people making sucha big fuss about that.And the only time a video game triggers violent sactions or thought is when you let your 10 year old play these games, it is proven that the human brain is mature aroung the age of 12 to 13. And if you let your 10 year old play games like this then you are the one who needs to grow up, oh and if you do let them play you probably should learn how to be a parent........from kyle woldenbergage (17)

Anonymous said...

The average age for video gamers is 28... deal with the violence it is a part of our pop culture.. This guy is clueless.. his statement has no substance due to the fact he hasn't even played the game... go winge about something else

Anonymous said...

Hey, I myself am a kid under the age of 17. I have played a few of the games from the series and say that it is the best because of the freedom the game gives you.But, my mother has banned me from playing it because of what it is. Even though i respect her decision i wish i could still play it. No matter what all of you argue about here, i don't think it will even the slightest difference, just a bunch of people arguing over hopeless things since its already out. (no offense to any mothers reading this)

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is how everyone thinks games are only for children, its about time people realize that adults may want to play the games as well, so quick your b*^% because this ain't for kids, and if it was then this would be a different argument.

Tim Mc said...

you see this is the problem with things today. everything is too "extreme" or "offencive". some one somewhere will always be offended by something because everyone has different thresh holds for what they find offencive of not. even though the content of the game is not appropriate for younger children the game IS created for a mature audience and is give a rating to varify that fact. its as simple as this, if you dont like it, dont join in.

Anonymous said...

i dont know about all of you but this game is tha shit

Anonymous said...

i agree homie

Ed said...

This entry smacks of the false manufactured hysteria that surrounds these types of games. Since it's a video game and not a movie people can stand back and gasp, "What about the children?" It's not sold to kids and it's not made for kids. Take your fake outrage and stop writing about games unless you want to write about them honestly.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely worthless... get another job.

"I haven't played "GTA IV" yet"

How about this Mr. Psychic... were you aware of the fact that a Mature rating is for 17+ and Adults Only is for 18+?!?

Concerned parents are obviously not concerned at all about what their kids play. GTA IV hardly "got away" with a mature rating.

Straight from the ESRB:

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

Titles rated AO (Adults Only) have content that should only be played by persons 18 years and older. Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes of intense violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity.

Since there is only partial nudity in the game (strippers with pasties) it did not get an AO rating.

How about reading the MPAA ratings?!?

A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category.

In other words you can have real breasts on your screen at 13 or fake ones at 17 (you're arguing that it should be 18). You are absolutely worthless... I wish I could work like you at my job.

Mr. and Mrs. so and so, I haven't actually looked into your personal financial situation, but I'm guessing that you need a nice annuity, a new mutual fund account, wills/trusts, and some life insurance... this of course being based on a video I saw online explaining that 70% of people in the U.S. have no retirement/estate plan. Just sign here...

Anonymous said...

it's in a video game because it's just a video grow up everyone deals with thees situation one time or an other so grow up.

Anonymous said... If all you fucktards let your kids play the game and then complain about it saying "GTA is not made for kids", then you must be a pretty fucked up failed parent. Hell, ill let my 13 year old son buy and play this game. I think they can handle the graphic content and know the difference between virtual and real.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above me:

You'll bail him out when you get his "one phone call" right?

Anonymous said...

first of all it wouldnt be rated X it would be rated A. You cant live your life trying to conceal anything "adult" like to your kids. adults play these games more than children. You would be suprised. Also, it was a one time thing to bring up sales. If i was a child, i would be interested in a game with something im not allowed to see.

Anonymous said...

Okay, honestly. This game isn't as bad as this guy said.
Sure, you can get prostitutes, but I was particularly pissed that they took gore out of the game. I'm an older teenager, and I fuckin' love gore like most of my age group. It deserves the M rating, no more, no less. I kind of miss blowing people's heads off, but that's just me.
And listen, seeing some "small" pornography, as he says, isn't that bad. I mean, have you SEEN the shit available on the internet? There are sites that anyone can access for free porn, animated porn, no less. Like, chicks getting f'ed by tentacles and getting blown up, and they say video games are bad...

Anonymous said...

this is the most dumest game ive seen its about people killing other people for no reason just to make your self look cool but the only thing this game is making you look is like a retard because your supposed to kill people just to get the cops on you and this game makes you violent.then you are going to act like the character in the game then you jack a car try to escape from the cops but you are going to wind up in jail for life then you are going to remember that the cause of all this is that damn violent video game grand theft auto

Anonymous said...

why is everyone arrgueing about a game. if u haven't notice its an open world game so it is simulating the real world,so maybe there are things in the game from the real world, like killings and strip clubs. it puzzles me when people think that the GTA series is evil and provokes voilent people to kill, since the beggining of the series in 1997 to now only 5 crimes have happened blaming the games for voilent behavor. so next time u agree about banning or raising the playing age, do a little reasearch

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