Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wii charge station a must

Nyko Charge Station for Wii
Rating: 4 stars out of 4
Sometimes some of the best innovations are the simplest.
Nyko’s Charge Station for the Nintendo Wii is a near must-have accessory if you have a heavy user in the home (or if you are the heavy user in your home).
The unit comes with rechargeable batteries and a battery cover with a rubberized grip, which helps you hold the Wii-mote better. That’s a good thing considering some Wii fans have damaged property when the Wii slides out of their hand while they’re waving it around playing.
All you do, basically, is replace your batteries with these rechargeable and put on the new cover. No more trips to Wal-Mart at midnight (am I telling on myself?) to get batteries to finish a marathon session of whatever game it is you’re playing).
It’ll take you about two hours to charge one Wii-mote and four hours to do two, and you can charge two at once.
Buzz Junior RoboJam
Company: Sony
System: PlayStation 2
Rating: 3 stars out of 4
Built for the PlayStation2, this is a great family game, aimed at kids, where you control up to four cute robots who all want to be Robot Of The Month.
You dodge rockets. You’re a crash test dummy. The best thing is the Buzz Buzzers – which you must buy separately; four for $40 – but have big colorful buttons, perfect for small hands and help make this game super easy. You just press the big colorful buttons on the controller and play. This is pure fun to play and never gets boring. One of the best family games of the year.
Buzz The Hollywood Quiz
Company: Sony
System: PlayStation 2
Rating: 3.5 out of 4
This game is rated T for teen because of drug references and mild language. Using the buzz buzzers you play “Jeopardy”-style against up to eight players. The game has movie clips, celebrity photos and more than 5,000 trivia questions.
The game essentially puts you into a huge quiz show hosted by Buzz, a slick-talking, glasses-wearing, spiked-blond hair-having guy who tosses questions at you.
There are versions of the game where you can throw pies into your opponent’s face if you get the answer correct first. Another game, Fastest Finger, gives you more points for answering questions faster.
This is great for parties and for husbands and wives, too. I’d addicted.
The Club
Company: Sega
System: PC
Rating: 2.5 out of 4
Rated M for mature, you play as one of eight trained assassins fighting each other. You can play online and the game comes with one month of online access free.
The Club looks great and sound great, so long as you computer’s graphics and sound cards are up to it. But this type of game has been done so much and in some many different ways, there’s no new ground to break here.
There are 48 single player levels and all kind of weaponry to use, but I’m guessing most fans of this genre are going to pick up the fifth or sixth releases in their favorite series instead of starting all over again.
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