Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charlotte Bobcats going HD this season

Last season, the Charlotte Bobcats didn't make many TV appearances beyond a premium-tier package on Time Warner cable.

This year, the team is going HD.

Fox Sports Carolinas and sister network SportsSouth will televise 16 Bobcats games in high definition this year. The first game is Monday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. against the Detroit Pistons. The HD schedule includes three road and 13 home games.

This is another smart move by the Bobcats, who earlier announced plans to carry 70 of the teams 82 regular-season games on Fox Sports Carolinas or SportSouth. The coverage will be available, via satellite and cable, to many more Carolinas homes than were able to see the Bobcats last year.

Adding the HD may help gain the casual viewer, who enjoys the clarity of sports in high definition, which delivers a much clearer picture -- and better sound -- than its traditional counterpart.

To receive these HD broadcasts, you need an HD television and set-top box from your cable or satellite provider that is equipped to receiver the special signal.

Here's the complete schedule for the HD Bobcats games:

Monday, November 3 – vs. Detroit Pistons – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Friday, November 7 – vs. New Orleans Hornets – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Tuesday, November 11 – vs. Denver Nuggets – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Sunday, November 16 – vs. Orlando Magic – 5:30 p.m. ET – FSCR

Tuesday, November 18 – vs. Dallas Mavericks – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Saturday, November 29 – vs. Boston Celtics – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Saturday, December 13 – vs. Detroit Pistons – 7 p.m. ET – SPSO

Monday, December 15 – @ Atlanta Hawks – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Monday, January 19 – vs. San Antonio Spurs – 2 p.m. ET – FSCR

Friday, January 23 – vs. Phoenix Suns – 7 p.m. ET – SPSO

Tuesday, January 27 – @ Los Angeles Lakers – 10:30 p.m. ET – FSCR

Friday, January 30 – @ Denver Nuggets – 9 p.m. ET – FSCR

Friday, February 6 – vs. Atlanta Hawks – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Wednesday, February 11 – vs. Washington Wizards – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Wednesday, February 18 – vs. Indiana Pacers – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR

Friday, March 13 – vs. Houston Rockets – 7 p.m. ET – FSCR


Anonymous said...

Does TW Cable provide Fox Sports South in HD? If so, wht's the channel?

Anonymous said...

There's not currently a Fox Sports South HD channel in my cable guide. Then again, we don't even have Cinemax in HD, either, and TimeWarner OWNS Cinemax.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if the games are aired in HD. No one watches the Bobcats anyway; now we can not watch them in HD, too.

Anonymous said...

Great now I can see May's fat rolls in HD.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to order an HD ticket if they had the team, hate going to games. Ill support em from the couch...the players and coaches dont really care if we're there or not.

Anonymous said...

channels not available in Charlotte according to TimeWarners site..

Good work Bobs Cats!

May's a Fat Cow... said...

I hear May's mom packs him snacks for while he's on the bench.

Cat's need to trade/cut him, I hear the Cavs have some extra towels.

Anonymous said...

The game will be aired on the special events channels on the time warner hd channels. All the Sunday Night ACC Basketball games are broadcast there as wellas the atlanta braves

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the Bobcats in HD very much! Nowadays, it's a must - especially for the casual fans out there. Franky, it's about time.

Anonymous said...

LW -- Could you get someone from TW -- or better still, someone from the mythical city/county cable office we are paying for -- to walk thru how a local TW HD subscriber would see these games?

I have no idea what "the special events channels on the time warner hd channels" means.

BTW, this is yet another reason to stay home and not go the the games.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Bobcats were so excited when they arranged to have some games broadcast in HD - all grown up like a real team. Then the bright eyed suit, named Dick, of the Bobcats was reviewing the contract that he signed and he pats himself on the back. The suits intern comes over and says to him, "Hey Dick, did know CLT does not get these HD channels?" Oh no, I smell another round of Bobcat firings.

Will this pathetic excuse of a franchise ever learn? Bob take the team to Seattle and start over, I am sure they will love you there.

Classic quote, and true
"...yet another reason to stay home and not go the the games."
- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Off topic but - why is there no mention in the Observer or on of the terrible injury suffered by Chris Williams during the football game between East Gaston and North Gaston last night?

I know times are hard down there at the Observer but this is a pretty major story. All the local TV newscasts are leading with it and the Gaston Gazette has it on their site. People really do care about things like this.

Wake up, Charlotte Observer.

Anonymous said...

I live in Charlotte,NC, and we got a special section from Time Warner Cable that Fox Sports Carolina HD (FCSRHD)is coming soon.

rowdy+7 said...

I live in Charlotte,NC and we received a special advertisement section from Time Warner Cable via The Charlotte Observer and it said that Fox Sports Carolina HD (FSCRHD)is coming soon.

rowdy+7 said...

I just happen to notice who ever anonymous is has Fox Sports Carolina HD abbreviated incorrectly, the correct abbreviation is located in my previous post above.

parker said...

i live in wilmington nc and we dont get any bobcat games despite having the training camp here! and were on time warner i have no idea what going on.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have one question, what Time Warner Channel shows the Bobcats games in HD??!!! Someone said its on some kind of special events channel. I'm not finding it. How rediculous is it that Time Warner Cable is their major sponsor, the games are broadcast in HD, but the only way to see it in HD is to get satellite???

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