Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Want game cheats? This site's 4 U!

There’s a new web site that is designed for one purpose: to help you cheat at video games.

The site, www.gamecheats.com, launched today with a big library of cheat codes, hints and achievements – and it’s easy to use. You type in the game you want to find cheats for, and it acts like a Google for cheaters, tracking down the hints and codes you’re usually after.

Future plans for the Web site include user registration, community features, mobile readiness and viral widgets.

“We wanted to simplify the experience of finding and extracting cheats so gamers could get back into their games as quickly as possible,” said Chris Radtke, vice president of editorial for UGO Entertainment, the company behind the site. “Gamers have been clamoring for better and quicker access to reliable and accurate information.”

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