Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming to TiVo: Blockbuster downloads online

Blockbuster is going to let TiVo users download movies from its online library beginning later this year.

Most TiVo users with high-speed Internet connections will be able to view the movies offered in Blockbuster's On Demand system. Netflix and Amazon offer online video straight to TiVo, too. Netflix also lets users of certain Blu-Ray players and Xbox 360 systems have access.

Netflix's online movie selection, however, is limited to mostly older titles and doesn't include many HD movies.

Under terms of Blockbuster's new deal, the brick-and-mortar stores and Web site will sell the TiVo DVRs. Blockbuster senior vice president Kevin Lewis said his company planned to make the online system available to users of Apple-brand products. Apple has its own on-demand service, Apple TV, that just expanded its HD offerings.

Lewis said Blockbuster will offer about 10,000 movies when the new service launches in the latter half of the year and said his company's online roster would be stronger than Amazon and Netflix, offering newer content.

With TiVo, once a film is selected, it can be watched while it is still being downloaded over the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

This is very similar to a product they attempted to release a few years ago with a company in Houston. The companies name was "Enron". They attempted the same type of service; however, with the lack of major movie titles (Studio's were blocking them) and the lack of high-speed internet connectivity to the end-user (if I remember correctly it required at least 6Mb per second to stream correctly).