Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tough home courts: UNC and Clemson

In a national poll conducted by video game maker EA Sports, college basketball fans have chosen North Carolina's Dean Smith Center as the toughest place to play.

The Smith Center finished ahead of home courts at Clemson (second), Xavier and Pittsburgh. Duke's infamous Cameron Indoor Stadium, was fifth.

EA Sports took the poll to help with production of "NCAA Basketball 10," a new video game it will deliver next fall. The idea is to make playing at certain home courts tougher than others.

More than 200,000 people voted.

“College basketball fans have spoken and they have determined once and for all the most difficult places to play in college basketball,” said NCAA Basketball 10 producer Connor Dougan. “Now we are going to design a feature that authentically reflects how difficult it is for opposing teams to play and win at these venues.”

Here are the top 15:

1. North Carolina
2. Clemson
3. Xavier
4. Pittsburgh
5. Duke
6. Kansas
7. Louisville
8. Syracuse
9. Tennessee
10. Arkansas
11. Maryland
12. Illinois
13. UCLA
14. Florida
15. Texas


Anonymous said...

Clearly a popularity contest. Where is New Mexico, BYU, Wake Forest. UNC tougher than Duke? Maybe they should ask the players not fans who have never seen a game.

Anonymous said...

having been to games ant most ACC venues i find this very hard to believe. Yes the teams at UNC are tough but the venue not so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Why would they ask fans who have never set foot on the court as a player which is the toughest venue to play in? It seems to me they would know nothing about what it's like to play anywhere. Maybe they should interview players instead...

James said...

UNC haters arise again.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'd say the dean dome is harder than hansbrough indoor stadium. Just ask him. He's never lost there, 4-0.

CBW said...

There is NO WAY IN H*** that the whine and cheese arena in Chapel Hill is tougher than either Duke or Clemson. No chance.