Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Madden sim says New Orleans wins Super Bowl 35-31

In its annual Super Bowl simulation using the Madden videogame, Electronic Arts finds that the New Orleans Saints will win Sunday's big game 35-31.

The simulation was run on Xbox 360 using the Madden videogame.

In the sim, the Colts lead 24-21 after three quarters, but Reggie Bush gets the Saints going with a 42-yard punt return for a score. Then the Colts come back and score behind QB Peyton Manning and RB Joseph Addai for a 31-28 lead.

But late in the game, Saints QB Drew Brees, who wins MVP honors, throws a championship-winning 11-yard pass to David Thomas for the game winner.

The simulation used each team’s current roster and the latest player statistics. EA says Madden NFL 10 was able to accurately predict the outcome of both the NFC and AFC Championship games within a margin of three points for each game.

EA SPORTS utilized this same simulation formula to correctly predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLIII (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals) and has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner for five out of the last six years, since the official Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation began in 2004.

Me? I still think the Colts win 38-20.


Anonymous said...

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William said...

I thought the Colts would win too - especially when they went up 10-0.