Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Verizon to allow Skype usage over wireless network

Wireless carrier Verizon plans to allow customers to use Skype over its wireless network. In late March, Verizon subs who have data and voice service plans will be able to download a Skype application.

Verizon will make the Skype application available on nine phones initially. Those phones include the new Droid and several types of Blackberrys.

That will allow users to make free calls to other Skype users, make international calls at Skype's low rates. Verizon said the Skype "app" will be always on, so users can see if a friend is signed on even when a phone is in standby.

Users might also take advantage of Skype's calling plans, which allow users to call any type phone. Skype has a $2.95 plan for unlimited calls to U.S. and Canada land lines and cell phones. It has a $12.95 plan that provides unlimited calls to landlines in more than 40 countries worldwide. You can also buy minutes as you need them.

What does that mean?

Consider a Verizon unlimited smart phone customer is currently paying $119 per month. He could go to a reduced minutes package and drop his Verizon bill to $89, planning to subscribe to Skype and making most of his calls that way.


Anonymous said...

Still Verizon is far behind AT&T which allows Skype over WiFi -- making Verizon completely useless for international travelers wanting to make calls from outside the USA's CDMA network.

GS said...

Anonymous 10:28

That's great about AT&T, if you actually can get service and not drop calls