Friday, February 11, 2011

AT&T offers unlimited mobile to mobile calling in US

Perhaps in response to Verizon's new Apple toy, AT&T has launched unlimited mobile to mobile calling and texting, on any cell network.

So you can call your Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile or Cricket friends and have it not count against your plan minutes.

Sprint has offered a similar plan for some time now.

The feature, on AT&T, is included for customers with unlimited messaging plans ($20 for individuals; $30 for families) who subscribe to $39.99 and higher Nation individual plans or $69.99 and higher Family Talk plans.

Current customers can change their accounts online or by calling a rep. New customers have to request the option when signing up.

Happy chattin'.


Anonymous said...

Looks like AT&T is doing what they can to prevent a mass exodus to Verizon. Saw a commercial last nite where they are offering the iPhone 3GS with 8Gb for $49.....

Anonymous said...

Typical AT&T - lowering there prices once they are no longer a monopoly.

Eric said...

(Anonymous 11:07 AM), I think that's called...competition. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

"'s too late, it's too late"! In the words of the Rev. Jim Jones, "It's all over, all over! What an exit!". RIP AT&T

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how much it costs. AT&T will still drop calls.

Anonymous said...

No positive if its correct. Unless the website definition isn't up to date. From their website.

What is Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile calling?

What is Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile calling?
Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) allows you to make unlimited calls to and from any other AT&T wireless services customer when making calls within your rate plan's calling area.

Using Mobile to Mobile:
Mobile-to-Mobile minutes may be used when you directly dial or receive a call from another wireless AT&T phone number from within your calling area.

Troubleshooting Mobile-to-Mobile:
If you believe that you were incorrectly charged for a Mobile-to-Mobile call, check to see if that call was made or received within your rate plan's calling area.

cornelius said...

it feels good being with sprint and the best phone in the land..EVO and for u doubters, look at the commercial name one phone company that challenges one..i had free mobile to mobile for like 2yrs

Anonymous said...

Are we still talking about AT&T? I left them years ago to join Sprint, since being a customer with Sprint I have discovered what paying less for more is really about. You have a problem with anything??? The courteous and uber professional staff at ANY Sprint store will have the answers to get you back on the right track, so that you can continue to enjoy your plan with ease. Every individual at Sprint has made my time with them memorable and that is what customer service is all about people! You want a hassle free bill with plans that state what you get without hidden agendas??? Sprint is the place, baby! But hey, all the rest of you guys out there are getting what you pay for...or are you? Check out EVO and Epic, the number 1 AND 2 phone in the country voted by CNET, don't believe me? Look it up, and Cornelius, no one challenges Sprint because no one really wants to get that embarassed! Dan Hesse is a brilliant man that has brought this company off of its knees and put it back in the running to easily be the best service provider for the value and selection it offers consumers. And with a downed economy, seems like Sprint is the only company thinking of the consumer's well being at this point...AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile...take a lesson, sometimes the right thing to do is follow suit. :)