Tuesday, April 28, 2009

iPhone-type products may be coming to Verizon

As we reported several weeks ago, Verizon Wireless and Apple appear to at least be discussing going into business together.

Business Week reported that there's a real possibility that Apple may release two iPhone-like devices for Verizon later this year. One would be an iPhone-lite, a smaller and skinnier version of the current device. Another would be a media pad that is bigger and wider than the current iPhone and would allow for HD video and for phone calls when connected to a WiFi device.

Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam told BusinessWeek that his company has spoken with Apple executives and he had conversations with Apple's Steve Jobs.

Ultimately, this could be good for the consumer. You would have the choice of two providers for your Apple devices and maybe AT&T would see fit to trim its prices for iPhone service, which are notoriously high.

Also today the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is working with a third party to develop an iPhone rival, code named Pink, that would debut on Verizon's network early next year.


dale said...

If you would do your research you would know that at&t's iphone monthly service charge of $30 is the exact same as the blackberry storm that verizon offers, but with the iphone you have so many more features and the apple brand to back it up.

Jim said...

As an iPhone advocate since they first came out (and I only pay $20 a month with the "original" iPhone), I have a problem seeing this in "Games N Gadgets". This remarkable communication device is neither a game nor a gadget. The entire spectrum of so-called smart phones is the future of communication. Don't know how I lived without this "gadget" !!

Anonymous said...

Come on guy, are you serious? Microsoft and Verizon have been working together on a project on a cellphone called "pink". There's not a chance in hell Verizon and Apple partnering up.