Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is the internet running out of space?

A reader sent me this post from London's Sunday Times that reports some experts are warning that internet usage is about to hit overload.

That will mean users facing regular "brownouts" that will stop users in their tracks and more frequent slowdowns.

Experts predict that consumer demand, growing at 60 percent per year, will only increase, and will exceed available bandwidth supply in 2010.

“With more people working or looking for work from home, or using their PCs more for cheap entertainment, demand could double in 2009,” net specialist Ted Ritter told the Sunday Times. “At best, we see the [economic] slowdown delaying the fractures for maybe a year.”


Wade said...

Is the internet running out of bandwidth? Answer: NO! But you are being told that so you can be charged for metered internet. Then the internet providers can raise rates while saying "we never raised rates". (Anytime you pay more for the same level of service, it is a rate hike.)

All this talk is nothing more than a way to condition people to accept metered internet.

George Lichter said...

I agree with Wade. The idea of the internet running out bandwidth doesn't even make sense.

Thanks for posting,
George Lichter

Anonymous said...

Just another excuse to further gouge internet customers.

Anonymous said... has this to say on the subject:

The term "exaflood," created by the same PR tank that crafted the term "intelligent design," is part of a sophisticated campaign aimed at convincing the press, public and lawmakers that without giving carriers what they want (less regulation, no net neutrality laws, no price controls, huge subsidies and tax credits, less consumer protection), the world will simply run out of bandwidth and we'll all be weeping over our clogged tubes."

They're pretty much spot on.

Anonymous said...

We are however running out of available IP addresses unless more systems are converted to IPv6.

Anonymous said...

How does that old Styx song go???? "It's just the grand Illusion...." That's all this is... trust me, we're NOT going to run out of bandwidth. Wade nailed it right on the head when he said it's all about the almighty dollar and being able to force us to pay for metered usage.

In fact... Australia is working towards a nationwide broadband system much like that of Japan. One that will run circles around our dinosaur. BUT... it's also expected to make everybody's rates jump to nearly $200 bucks a month.

So bandwidth scare? No, total farce.

Anonymous said...

very insightful, wade. i've read a good bit about providers' plans for metered service on digg and slashdot. i completely agree.

Anonymous said...

Wow the posters seem to know more than the guy who wrote the article.

Anonymous said...

To be honest most people posting probably DO know more than Langston Wertz. He's a reporter. Its not exactly close to an engineering degree.

Not saying he's a poor reporter, and if he tells me there's a better way I could write this statement or fix my punctuation, but I'm pretty sure I know more about technology than he does. I also know there are plenty than know more than me, and its not impossible to think that some of them posted here as well.

Anonymous said...

My cable provider called the other day to offer additional services at no added cost - including faster internet service. Hopefully as fast as it was before it suddenly bacame suspiciously slower a few weeks ago.

The catch is there would be a $150 fee if i were to cancel within 2 years. This probably would help stomp out competitors. I declined to fall into their trap. Didn't I hear something about a new cable provider moving into the Charlotte market?