Thursday, September 09, 2010

TaylorMade introduces new golf irons on live webcast

TaylorMade golf used a live webcast to introduce its new brand of golf irons Thursday.

Nice innovation from a company known for its innovation.

The new Burner 2.0 irons come about 18 months after the original model. The new ones are designed to help golfers hit the ball further, a problem for most of us, as well as making the golf clubs feel better when striking the ball, a problem with clubs that are designed for distance.

"We've succeeded at creating a better-performing iron with the Burner 2.0, which is just as long, easier to play and more refined in its feel and sound," said Bret Wahl, senior director of research and development for irons, wedges and putters. "Every Burner 2.0 iron is better than its predecessor and, when compared against the longest, best-selling iron we've ever made, that says something truly significant."

The Burner 2.0's two-toned "Burner Black" PVD finish is more durable and resists glare. TaylorMade claims its used improved weight distribution to help golfers launch the club higher easier, while still allowing golfers to be able to "work" the ball. That's golf speak for making it curve one direction or the other.

Each iron has a different face thickness, which allows for more control in shorter irons and ease with hitting longer irons. The top of the clubs are also of varying thickness. Shorter clubs will look thinner and longer clubs will be larger, making them easier to hit, and inspiring more confidence when looking down.

The new irons come with lightweight shafts to help increase swing speed. There's an 85-gram steel or 65-gram graphite shaft. A women's version is also available with a 55-gram shaft.

Multiple flexes are offered. Steel sets are $699, graphite $899. These go on sale Oct. 8.

We hope to test these and report back on what we find, but from the literature, they sound like a winner.

Click here for a demo video


John said...

Cool features, though. :-)

I'm not such a huge fan of golf but if I were to try playing it, I would want to use this one for a great first impression.

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