Monday, March 21, 2011

How AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition could affect N.C. coverage

After the big announcement that AT&T plans to swallow T-Mobile USA (click here to read more), the company has sent out some images to help show what it might mean for customers.

The “before” map shows AT&T's projected LTE 4G coverage in Nouth Carolina at the end of 2013 without T-Mobile. The “after” shows the total area covered by LTE with the combined company in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to AT&T to answer a simple question with a confusing apples to oranges response. Why couldn't we see pictures of coverage with and without T-Mobile for 2013, instead of one being 2013 and one being 2017?

Edmund said...

What do you get when one bad network purchases the other? One big bad sorry network.

jb007 said...

ok network>,/ leave it to at&t