Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AT&T plans to introduce "4G" to Charlotte Friday

Last week, Verizon added several Carolinas cities to its expanded 4G LTE network. Friday, AT&T will hold a news conference at 10:30 a.m. in Marshall Park to announce what it calls "key network improvements planned for Charlotte this year." The release also says it will bring 4G speeds here.

AT&T says those upgrades will focus on faster data speeds and extra mobile broadband capacity at key venues.

Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx and Moira Quinn of Charlotte Center City Partners are expected to attend the event.

AT&T has said it plans to deploy its 4G LTE network later this year and into next year. Here's the confusing part: AT&T and T-Mobile are already telling customers they offer 4G, when what is being offered is, well, 3G.5. Technically it's called HSPA+ and the 3G variant does allow for speeds well above what you think of as 3G.

But it's not what you should think of as 4G.


Hopefully we'll find out more Friday, but I'd bet this is real 4G coming here.

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Anonymous said...

Langston, you should also touch upon the fact that AT&T only gives you the "4"G speed on download, not upload, unlike the other networks.