Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Steve Jobs makes suprising appearance to introduce iPad 2

Despite being out of work on medical leave, Apple's Steve Jobs took the stage at a San Francisco news conference to introduce the new iPad 2 Wednesday.

The new device hits store March 11.

Jobs said Apple has sold more than 15 million iPads in 2010, from April to December accounting for nearly $10 billion in revenue.

"More than every Tablet PC ever sold," Jobs said.

The new iPad will be, Jobs said, up to twice as fast on CPU performance. He said graphics are nine times faster while not increasing power consumption from the first iPad. Battery life remains at 10 hours.

It will use a dual-core processor (Apple's new A5 chip). It comes in white and black. It's got front and rear facing cameras. It's got the same gyroscope that is in iPod and iPhone. It's also 33 percent thinner than the first iPad, thinner than the iPhone 4. The device -- which weighs 1.3 pounds, down from 1.5 -- will work on AT&T and Verizon's networks.

There's also HDMI out with 1080P video support. And iPad will do mirror video so you can see what's on the TV screen and the iPad at the same time. A special $39 cable will be needed for HDMI usage.

Pricing will remain the same as the current iPad: $499 for 16 gig Wifi, $599 for 32 gig Wifi and $699 for 64 gig Wifi. The 3G models add a $130 price premium on top of that.


--Apple is designing what it calls "Smart Covers" for the iPad. They will use magnetism to cover the front of the device and will also prop it up for reading and light typing.

A microfiber lining will clean the screen when in use and the iPad will go to sleep when covered and wake up when uncovered.

There will be five poly and five leather versions, in multiple colors, for $39 (poly) or $69 (leather).

-- Apple also released its latest mobile software, iOS 4.3. Releasing March 11, it allows home sharing of iTunes content via WiFi and faster browser performance. Ir will also bring the Wifi hotspot capabilities to all iPhone 4s. Currently, Verizon iPhones can do the hotspot, turning the phone into a internet connection for up to five devices.

-- The new iPad 2 cameras will take advantage of a photo software called PhotoBooth that allows users to manipulate images, and they will allow FaceTime video calls between iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Mac users.

-- Apple also is bringing its popular GarageBand music app and its iMovie editing suite to iPad as $4.99 apps.

-- Jobs said Random House will bring 17,000 books to Apple's iBooks store today and that makes more than 2,500 publishers distributing through the e-retailer.

-- Jobs said more than 200 million people have iTunes accounts used to buy music, videos and books through Apple's e-stores.

-- He said Apple recently shipped its 100 millionth iPhone.


Anonymous said...


AppleIsGHEY said...

It's still lame cause there's no Flash support...and that's simply Apple greed talking.

At least for all the followers out there...they didn't jack the price up...just feel bad for the tools that purchased the now worthless iPad 1 recently ;o)

Anonymous said...

>> Verizon iPhones can do the hotspot

Is this an intentional double-entendre or is English not the writer's first language?

Anonymous said...

Was it Jobs, or an android sent out so people think Steve is still alive?

Anonymous said...

The Apple bashing over the lack of Flash support is getting a little old and exaggerated. A majority of sites do support Flash but they also support HTML5 which the iPad can play. Also, there are apps available which allow you to access Flash based sites.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about some over hyped piece of tech garbage. It doesn't run a GoToMyPC/Citrix session, you have to hack it up to make it eevn think about an RDP connection. What makes this garbage headline news except the fact that Jobs is a flaming liberal?

linuxelf said...

Actually, we use Citrix on iPads all the time.

I still find it a fairly useless device, but it's not for lack of Citrix support.

Anonymous said...

Moto XOOM appears to be the big winnner here...if you can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Only someone with a purse needs a tablet. Unless it fits in your pocket, men look like sissy's carrying these things.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that the haters here are also clueless (surprise!). GoToMyPC is available on the iPad. If you don't like GoToMyPC, then you also have at least 5 other competitors to choose from. Google is your friend, idiots!

Bubba Nojobs said...

da bomb diggity!

jb007 said...

excellent release of new ipad2

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