Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DirecTV continues HD assault with more new channels

DirecTV customers woke up to a surprise Wednesday morning -- more HD channels.

The satcaster continued on its mission to be the leading provider of high quality HD channels adding six national channels and five regional sports networks to its package. DirecTV launched 21 new HD channels late last month. The satellite provider now has 41 HD channels, not including local channels. DirecTV offers ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in HD locally.

Here is a list of the latest HD offerings:

Bravo HD
USA Network HD
SciFi Channel HD
HBO West
Cinemax West

CSN Mid-Atlantic HD
CSN Chicago HD


Anonymous said...

Are you listening Time Warner?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should compare this to their competitor, Dish Network, who has had more HD channels than this for two years now.

Clayj said...

Yeah, TW Charlotte has some 'splainin' to do. We just got TBS HD, which I suppose is good... but where's Cinemax HD? For crying out loud, TimeWarner OWNS Cinemax, so there is no financial reason for us not to have Cinemax in HD.

Anonymous said...

I bought a DirecTV HD DVR a year ago. Its already outdated enough that I can't get any of the new HD channels and they want $300 to upgrade models. Ergo, I cancelled all of my HD access and will switch providers when the NFL season is over (have already paid for Sunday Ticket).

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Anonymous, DirecTV has been swapping the old HD-Tivos for the new HR-20s, which are necessary to get the MPEG 4 signals pretty much for free or for shipping charges. I would call back and try again. If no luck, ask for customer retention.

Anony2, DISH has been the HD leader and we've written that here, but a lot of folks don't count the VOOM and HD PPV that DISH adds to their total.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did call them and talked to the manager of customer retention. She was the one that said I had to pay $300, no ifs ands or buts. I would say she failed at her job considering I had been a customer for over 8 years.

Smallville Fan John said...

Anonymous, I agree with Langston. I upgraded last week for free. I had paid $1K for the Tivo box and they gave me a new HR20 no problem and HR 20 rocks. I got the black one (No OTA) and complained and they sent me the silver one (with OTA). I have had TWC and DirecTV for five years. TWC is gone now. Direct's new HD channels look better and they should be adding all the Charlotte locals soon (they don't have 55 and 64 in HD/digital versions right now).

LW, great blog. Keep us informed. I wouldn't have known about the new HD without you last week!

Anonymous said...

Langston thanks for the info. I'm a TWC guy who became a DISH guy. I bought the new DISH MPEG 4 receiver and it's fine. The PQ has dropped as DISH has added channels. I am about to switch now to D*, which it sounds like finally has its act together. I'm all about the HDTV, so whoever has the most and the best looking has my coin.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've had these DirectTV HD channels for more than a week, not just since this morning.
TWC sucks for HD. All of the channels were pixelizing, and TWC blamed it on the channels. I wonder why they don't do that on satellite, TWC? Anyone who puts up with TWC and their horrendous customer service and price increases is a sucka.

Anonymous said...

I don't have Time-Warner, DirecTv or Dish Network and I have a High Definition Television Set.

What do I do? I watch using rabbit ears... And I tell you, I get tons of Channels.

More than CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, locally. Of course I get those... WBTV, WSOC, WCNC, WCCB, plus their digital doppler and weather channels. Additionally, CW, MyNetwork TV, Independent in HD.. (WJZY, WMYT, WAXN-digital) plus a relgious broadcaster on WMYT-DT3. Morevoer, PBS HD - the icing on the cake - from WTVI (5 sub channels), WUNG (5 sub channels) and WNSC (3 subchannels, one of which is PBS HD) broadcasting 24/7.

The best part of all is that this is all FREE FREE FREE... These are RAW UNCOMPRESSED Signals *STRAIGHT* from the stations - no middle man.

PS- It's not unusual to recieve out-of-market stations over the air too to get additional programming.

Anonymous said...

I, too, just received the HD DVR upgrade, new 5 LNB dish, and free installation from DirecTV for only the cost of shipping ($19.95). Customer Retention is awesome!