Monday, October 15, 2007

DirecTV continues HDTV assault: 14 new channels Monday including Speed HD

DirecTV has been launching new HD channels each week for nearly a month now. Until Monday, the launch date had always been Wednesdays.

But Monday, DirecTV launched 14 new HDTV channels, including four regional networks and six pay-per-views. DirecTV had previously only had one HDTV PPV channel. It now has seven.

Besides the pay-per-view channels, which are $4.99 each, DirecTV launched HDTV versions of HGTV (Channel 229-1), FX HD (248), Cartoon Network HD (296), Fox Business Network (359), Speed HD (607), Fuel (612), Fox Sports Detroit (636), Fox Sports Southwest (643), Fox Sports West (652) and Prime Ticket (653).

HGTV or Home Garden TV's HD channel airs different programming than the standard definition version.

DirecTV fans are getting FX HD just in time for the acclaimed "Nip/Tuck" TV series. Racing fans should enjoy getting motorsports news and programming in HD on Speed and all sports fans are getting several more regional sports nets in HD to go with the handful DirecTV is already showing.

To receive DirecTV's new HDTV programming, customers must have the company's new receivers, including the HR20 DVR, which is faster than its old TiVo version and just as reliable. DirecTV worked with several websites to get feedback on the HR20 after it launched last year to less than stellar reviews. After a few updates, the satcaster has gotten it right and finally delivered on the HDTV it had been promising for years.

As the Christmas season approaches, DirecTV is the clear leader in channel choice and picture quality. It should be fun to see how cable companies and DISH network responds.


davidsontvjunkie said...

I love the new channels. This is cutting into some of my OTA PBS viewing. Will HD ATHF start lowering my IQ?

BTW, 42-5 frequently has problems synching sound with the pics- can you get them to fix that?

davidsontvjunkie said...

Oh, while I'm at it- am I the only one who feels that movies on TNTHD (not series, just movies) look strangely distorted at the edges of the picture?

Anonymous said...

Man, I guess I have to cave in now. Tomrorow, I'm cancelling Time Warner. Going DirecTV. Now how do I get the best deal?

Anonymous said...

Davidson, Channel 42 is over the air channel Has nothing to do with compression of satellite. I am longtime TWC guy and have always thought pic quality was better than satellite, at least satellite after 2001 or so. It appears that might be changing now and TWC has so little choice now. We get 16 channels, including 7 locals. DirecTV gets 72 not including locals? Geez.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. DirecTV rocks... I am totally making the switch. Thanks for the great blog Langston