Monday, January 14, 2008

50 Cent, Mary J Blige in steroid controversy & Michael Jackson's new single

Came back to work today with my inbox full of emails.

Seems the New York Times released a story today saying that several prominent celebrities, including singer Mary J. Blige, rapper 50 Cent and movie producer Tyler Perry are among thousands of people whose names are turning up in an investigation into obtaining steroids or human growth hormones, an Albany newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Times said the Albany Times Union broke the story while reporting on an investigation conducted by the Albany County district attorney, P. David Soares.

A Blige spokesperson told the Times that Blige has never taken any performance-enhancing illegal steroids or any anti-aging steroids. HGH is sometimes used as an anti-aging drug. I'd hold off on making any judgments here, guys. Let's let this play out.....

Also making the rounds is a new single by Michael Jackson called "Don't You Walk Away." It's a slow club-burner with a nice midtempo beat. I think Jackson will have a hit with this one. It was distributed to several club DJs in the last few weeks. A reader sent me a link to a download of the song. No idea when it might be released.

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Dr. Short said...

I'll hold off on making any judgements myself except for one. 50 Cent is definitely juicing. That one is a no-brainer, have you seen this guy? Pro athletes juice to get an advantage at their sport and hopefully, for them, play better and make more money. I guess 50 juiced to help make himself look like a tough thug with huge muscles and hopefully, for him, boost album sales, etc.