Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Britney's new video sad commentary on her life

Britney Spears' new video was originally controversial because some people believe her figure was digitally altered to look slimmer.

Britney's body is fine. It was fine at MTV's Music Awards. Too many of these starlets (see: Alba, Jessica) are told they need to be extra-thin and then begin to look too much like pre-preggo Nicole Richie instead of more like a healthy full-figured Britney.

Her new video, Piece Of Me, though ultimately is a sad commentary on her life. In it, she talks about how everybody wants a piece of her, and it's been that way since she became the it girl at 17.

Here's hoping Britney gets a break and gets her life back together.

Here is the official video:

Here is the remix video:


MariM said...

To all of your points! Amen!
Here's hoping...

Anonymous said...

Why is this in a Games N Gadgets blog?

Anonymous said...

From a musical standpoint, the remix is a much better song. You'd hardly believe it's the same song. Much darker, but still catchy and interesting.