Saturday, January 26, 2008

Technology makes golf easier for beginners

Golf gains thousands of new players each year.

But it loses just as many. The reason is simple: the game is hard. And frustrating.

Good news for newbies. Golf technology is on the way to make the game easier. Cobra Golf's new LV4 driver uses an extra large clubface to inspire confidence and technology is built into the clubface so golfers get good distance no matter what part of that face they hit the ball with.

Very few high handicappers hit a driver -- or any club -- in the center, where most have been designed to play best from. The result is low shots, shots that fly far right of the target, or shots that simply hit the ground quickly and roll to a stop about 30 yards in front of you.

Callaway Golf and TaylorMade have new drivers out where golfers can actually remove the shafts with what amounts to a screwdriver. This allows the golfer to use a really soft shaft to help hit the ball high or a stiffer one to keep it low, or something in between.

The beginning golfer could swap shafts out as he gets better, using an extra light, extra soft stick to hit it out there a little bit, and tailor it to his game as he (hopefully gets lessons) and improves.

Ball technology is also improving. TaylorMade's new line helps encourage off-center hits to fly further. Titleist has a line of balls designed to roll more and another in the same family designed to fly higher.

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