Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dell hopes to "Streak" past iPad with new tablet device

Dell announced its new "Streak" tablet computer today. It'll launch in the UK next month and in the U.S. later this summer. Pricing was not announced.

It has a five-inch screen and a 1 gigahertz processor. It's got a 5 MP autofocus camera with a dual LED flash and a front facing camera for eventual video chat capability. You can also make calls on it.

Users can remove the battery. It's got integrated 3G and Wi-Fi plus bluetooth.

The Streak runs Google's Android operating system and will have access to more than 38,000 Apps.

According to most reports it'll have a monthly subscription plan via AT&T. But due to the small screen size, this is more of a phone competitor than iPad tablet competitor. The iPad is nearly twice the size.

Larger Streaks are apparently coming, however, and choice is always good.


Dion said...

This thing is fucking stupid! It's too big to carry like a phone and too small to use practically. Dell, you fucking suck!

Anonymous said...

this is supposed to surpass the ipad? really? and the droid was going to outdo the iphone. as well as the zune was supposed to kill the ipod.
every tech company out there is struggling to keep up with apple - and failing.
as a side note, by son recently was forced to purchase a piece of s**t Dell for a college course. it worked for less than 5 months and took a dump. afterwhich time Dell wanted to charge $200 to just diagnose the problem (which stemmed from some crappy anti-virus ware THEY installed).
Give me a cheap Mac over the "best" PC anyday.

Mayo Hardware said...

On the technical side:

Too small to be of use to the masses.
Again the interface is crippling the user.

So you escentially get a videophone that has no videophone apps (yet).

MayoHardware Rating: 2/5

Phillip said...

Yo Anon, Mac's crap out all the same too.

If it was a virus, maybe your son should stop visiting such provocative websites. Otherwise, the makers of most of the components of both computers are the same. A harddrive can fail on day one in a Mac the same way it can on a PC.