Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ESPN: Michael Jordan to be videogame spokesman

Getting the cover of sports videogame is a pretty big deal among athletes these days, and rumors have had LeBron James and Derrick Rose as the most likely cover boys for 2KSports' NBA 2K11 which is due next fall.

But ESPN is reporting that the company has signed Michael Jordan to be the coverboy and spokesperson for the new game.

The Bobcats owner is also expected to be digitized as a character in the game. Remember when Mike used to block that from happening?

Having Jordan on the game could bring the Bobcats some additional publicity.

In addition, ESPN reports that 2KSports is talking to some of Jordan's 90-era teammates and opponents about potentially digitizing them into the game as well, allowing gamers to play with current and past stars as well as relive some of the '90s rivalries like Bulls-Knicks.

2K is expecting to show off the game at the annual E3 convention in June.

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