Monday, May 24, 2010

Rumor: iPhone to Sprint

With all the rumors swirling around a potential Verizon iPhone, a new report claims that 16.8 percent of all Verizon customers are waiting feverishly for their chance to pocket Steve Jobs' favorite device.

But the most interesting rumor is that Sprint may be getting iPhone, too.

Most people will tell you that Verizon has better call quality and reliability than AT&T. I don't doubt that. Having used iPhone for 18 months now, I have had dropped calls with AT&T, but haven't experienced the issues that I read about online from some AT&T customers or former customers. I had the original GSM phone from AT&T several years back and never had an issue except in a few known dead spots (and what is it about that area around Highway 51 and Sardis Road that is like a cell phone purgatory?). So maybe it is iPhone load that is causing AT&T network issues, and maybe if iPhone users spread to more networks, it might relieve the strain on AT&T.

Although AT&T wouldn't want to lose all those customers paying higher iPhone monthly bills.

What I do know is that AT&T and Verizon offer virtually the same prices. Sprint is several steps below them, and Sprint offers plans that have unlimited calling to any mobile phone, and Sprint has launched its new high speed 4G network in several markets, including Charlotte.

Sprint's service locally has improved, I'm told, as has their customer service, which used to be a major problem.

Last week, AT&T announced it was increasing its early termination fees to $325 from $175 for all new contracts after June 1. This led to wild speculation that iPhone is indeed going to more carriers. The thinking goes that if Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile got the iPhone in the fall, consumers who signed up for the new iPhone next month would be loathe to leave AT&T a few months later and pay the new bigger fee.

But if I'm one of the new carriers, assuming there are some, I would be mad if Apple didn't announce our availability at launch of the new phone next month. That hurts potential sales and gives AT&T a huge advantage.

I think Apple would be smart to move iPhone to multiple carriers as it does in other countries. The Android phones are quite good and are available across brands. From a competition standpoint, that hurts Apple.

So all eyes will be on Steve Jobs' keynote address June 7 at 1 p.m. at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. We know he's going to debut a new iPhone with the new operating system. But will he also say the magic words that many potential customers have been waiting to hear?

"And one more thing. Starting today, you can get iPhone from more carriers."


Dion said...

Most industry analysts agree that no carrier, including Verizon, would have been prepared to handle the amount of increased data usage the iPhone generate for AT&T! I know AT&T has the advantage in 3G speeds and the ability to talk and surf the web at the same time! I know AT&T's Charlotte coverage is excellent. I have no reason to back AT&T. I'm just saying all carrier's have their shortcomings and all pretty much suck!

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for all the complaints about AT&T. You'd better also believe there's a good reason people who are dying for the iPhone would rather die before going to AT&T, and I'm one of them. While it seems that all carriers are thieves and bloodsuckers in some form or another, Verizon has a stable network and their customer service has always been great. I will certainly consider the iPhone once it makes it out of the vile claws of AT&T and comes to Verizon,......IF the price is right.

Anonymous said...

Verizon is the best of a bad lot.

AT&T is a nightmare. No one I know with an iPhone has good service.

Oh. Android. Many think google now, uh, "has iPhone's #."

That's My Story & I'm Sticking To It said...

"I know AT&T's Charlotte coverage is excellent." -Dion

Tell that to my parents who have the worst reception I've ever heard of. They've had AT&T for a few years now, and I refuse to try them on their cell phones. BTW, they live in the middle of Charlotte practically, off Rama Rd. Hardly the suburbs of Matthews and areas of development from the past 20 years. I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this matters... at all. It was just announced that the iPhone is now 3rd in the US among 'smartphones' with only 21% of the market... Android has surpassed Apple's OS with 28% of the market. Blackberry still leads, as it always has. It amazes me how infatuated people are with the iPhone... it's nothing special, and this article is about a gimmick phone that was on a crappy network (technologically inferior to any CDMA network) that is now poised to debut for Verizon or Sprint. It's just a matter of time before iPhone isn't news... thank God!

Anonymous said...

Was Cingular for years, then AT&T.

Only place I ever got dropped was Alexander and Brackenberry and Kuykendall and Mckee. (By the way what is or who is/was a Kuykendall?)

Switched to Sprint in Jan. I have not had a dropped call since.

Unlimited everything for $64.00 a month, on an enterprise plan. Google enterprise Sprint pricing that's how I found my deal.

I have a Samsung Moment, and like it better than the iphone. Got the phone for free as well.

No complaints here and I whine more Lucille ball at Democratic National Convention.

Anonymous said...

Sprint got into the cell phone market before all the other providers and they had a monopoly back in the day. What people don't know is that a lot of the towers that Sprint owns are actually leased to AT&T and have been for years. You can't deny that Sprint right now has the best calling and data plans as far as price factor. Look it up. And they are first to go 4G. If iphone gets opened up for other networks it will be the end of AT&T.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't care if the iPhone comes to Sprint because they have a MUCH BETTER device coming June 4th called the EVO 4G from HTC. Google search this device and it beats the iPhone in just about everything. I'm sure Sprint or Verizon would love the iPhone for all the Apple die-hards but the fact is Android devices like the EVO have passed the iPhone byand left it in the dust.

Anonymous said...

one word "ouidoo" !
Its coming and its crazy!
Fast with a long battery life!
There is a "watered down" app called "World Lenns"

World get ready for "Articulated Naturality" which blends the digital life with real world urban environment allowing users to access virtual information in the physical space !!!!

Phillip said...

Apple is 3rd because they're on ONE CARRIER. Android and BlackBerry are both offered by ALL carriers in the U.S. Of course they should have a higher market share. The iPhone is plenty special. It is not a gimmick phone. It is revolutionizing phones. Without it, there would be no EVO or Droid Incredible. Many of the iPhone features are found on those phones.

GSM is not inferior to CDMA. GSM is a WORLD STANDARD. Only here is CDMA more popular and widespread. Visit anywhere else in the world and CDMA simply does not exist. If AT&T could afford to upgrade, it would have been a more viable network.

The iPhone will always be news. It's 3rd in market share and when it is released to another network or all networks it will be first in market share in the US. Androids are great but they advance so fast that the previous generation is worthless in 6 months. The iPhone, however, stands the test of time.

Sorry you hate, but it's stupid hate. BlackBerry is only number one because of their IT security solutions for businesses. Without corporations BlackBerry would fall off the Earth. I have one and love it but their consumer devices leave a lot to be desired. They're playing catch up right now. Leading market share means nothing because right now they're losing market share.

sukumar said...

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Anonymous said...

at&t sucks they're a bunch of crooks!!!! they're 2g data plan is the way that they get your money.instead sprint has unlimited data plan.Sprint is the way to go!!!! at&t without the apple contract sucks in service.

Anonymous said...

metro pcs is even better than at&t n they are at the bottom of the list.

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