Monday, May 10, 2010

Toyota commercial tries to give Sienna minivan some "swagger"

Toyota has been really struggling lately, with as much bad press as Tiger Woods.

During all the stories about recalls and brake problems, the (former) No. 1 automaker has released a dramatically updated version of its Sienna minivan, dubbing it the "Swagger-Wagon" in a series of uproariously funny commercials.

The latest, which features the sport model Sienna (bigger tires, aggressive rims, funkier styling) is the best one yet.

As for the car, I've not driven it, but it looks better than any other minivan on the market right now, though the new 2011 Honda Odyssey, which is totally redesigned, looks funky as well.

Call it Swagger-Wagon 2.

And now the new rap video/spot for the Sienna SE.


Anonymous said...

That's enough to make me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest thing I've watched in a long time...... bunch of nerds

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Emulate that filthy section of society that wants for nothing but to degrade all that is decent.

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots - of course it is dumb - that is the point. The whole idea of owning a minivan is a downgrade - but usually a necessity. Owners with a sense of humor can laugh at themselves.

Waxhaw, NC

KimG in AZ said...

I own a Sienna and I'd rather own an suv. But this made me laugh - even if I'm laughing at myself.