Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bloomberg: iPhone 4 to Verizon in January

Bloomberg is quoting sources as saying the new iPhone 4 will come to Verizon in January.

That would bring an end to the iPhone's exclusive three-year run on AT&T's network and open up new revenue streams to Apple and CEO Steve Jobs. Recent surveys indicate more than 14 million Verizon customers would get the device if available on the network. Verizon has nearly 93 million U.S. customers.

Interestingly, Verizon plans to launch its new faster 4G network this fall and introduce wireless devices on it in 2011. At the January Consumer Electronics Show, the company is expected to debut devices that will compatible with the network.

AT&T recently increased fees it would charge customers who break contracts earlier to go to new carriers, moving from $175 to $325. This was done just before the new iPhone 4 debuted.

There have been lots of rumors that the iPhone might move, however, and it has been on AT&T exclusively. We'll see if this one pans out.


Anonymous said...

Been waiting for this to happen. AT&T's coverage stinks, Verizon's is much better.

Now if Apple would only sell the iPhone without it being tied to a data plan, I'd buy one.

Anonymous said...

This makes no sense, since the R&D required to create a phone that will only work on the Verizon (CDMA or LTE) network will not be recouped in any other market besides the US. Besides, Verizon is firmly in the trenches with their Android devices.

The GSM device is able to be sold all over the world, thereby reducing the marginal cost for each device sold.

If Apple planned on using more than one carrier, T-mobile makes more sense since they are already on a GSM platform.

However, it is in Apple's best interest to keep it an AT&T exclusive, since right now they are the only mobile device manufacturer to have complete control over the device. This allows premium pricing and direct interaction with the end user (via iTunes). The other manufacturers have ceded control to the carriers to install firmware and directly recoup revenues associated with their products. These devices have become mere commodities for users since they are the interface, and the carrier is the pipe providing the content.

Sounds like Jim Cramer or some other analyst starting a rumor to up the Verizon stock today.

Anonymous said...

which version is the government handing out to the illegal aliens?

Anonymous said...

Who cares where Apple is going next? The thing fails hugely at its main job - being a PHONE! All those stupid people that rush to buy the new iPhone every time it comes out, because its "so cool!" are brainless idiots!
Thanks, but no thanks! I'll stick with my EVO Android phone that does everything the iPhone will do, and more! Well, I do have to admit, there is one thing the iPhone does that the Evo doesn't, and that's DROP CALLS!